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Eye on the prize

The Promised Land Celebration

Keep your eyes on the prize – celebration I started to write a story about Barry Soetoro and little Mike, nowadays better known as BHO and Big Mike but I realized that I don’t want to put those words and images on my websites. These facts are too negative and mean-spirited. As a digital Soldier, […]

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White Rabbit

The Writing is on the Wall, These People are Evil

Stand up for your rights. It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees. We live in perilous times, doing nothing is not an option. Written on the wall is that a cabal of billionaire elitists, emanating from Switzerland, have hatched a plot to take over the world. The plan is to […]

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Q if America Falls

Why trust the Q plan?

I had to consider that Q was a psyop (psychological operation). I always recognized that it was Very high level and likely using AI (Artificial intelligence) because of the exact nature of the content and timestamps, plus the sequencing of the posts. However, the key reason why I trust the plan, is Trump.  Trump from […]

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John 8-32

The Great Awakening and Slaves No More!

As I continue this rant against the Deep State in this war of good versus evil. I was conflicted whether or not to write on this blog or Silicon Forest, which is the official home of the Vancouver Economic Summit. So I decided to State my claims here, although it was the summit, the Round-table discussions, […]

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Sinners Prayer

Sinner’s Prayer

Sinner’s prayer, also known as the Salvation prayer is said to have converted people just in it’s recital, even though they were not previously believers in Christ. Some folks had no intention of learning if Jesus was the Son of God. Many had never considered if he were raised from the dead, as Christians believe […]

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Love is

The Return of Christ

We are in the time of this occurring but not in the context that many people understand. The church who I call the Great Liar true ambition is to control the human psyche through fear while completely manipulating its true meaning. The “Christ” is not a single human being as humanity has been told through […]

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Christ the Redeemer statue, Mount Corcovado, Brazil

Forces of Light is the Truth

The weapon of choice for the forces of Light is the Truth. For the forces of Darkness it is lies. Truth always wins because the support structures necessary for maintaining a lie always collapse, and the Truth is its own support. As Darkness FallsEvery Lie Will Be RevealedThe End won’t be for Everyone.That Choice, Will […]

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Freedom Convoy Trucker

Big Doors Swing on Tiny Hinges

Big doors swing on tiny hinges is a quote attributed to W. Clement Stone, although I’m sure he borrowed it, just like Juan O Savin often does. Many times during interviews Juan mentions that in this war of good versus evil, or children of light versus the forces of darkness (if you prefer), he talks […]

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