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U.S. Debt Clock Conductor

Control the Money Supply, Control the World All wars are bankers wars, as the saying goes, was never so true. The Principalities of Power are at war, over who controls the money supply. Since the day the U.S. National Debt surpassed thirty three trillion, it’s been a run away train. Out of control interest on […]

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Angry Santa Claus

Enjoy the Show, Kings of the Earth

And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Revelation 18:9 KJV from: Ghost of Christmas Present Kings of the Earth have been busted, their crime spree is almost over. The month of […]

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Trump says Nothing can stop what is coming.

God is Good! Thy Word is Truth

Promises made, promises kept… said by Aristotle and demonstrated by Donald J. Trump Trump is not a tyrant, the masses have come to realize this truth. God is good and will not allow “We the People” to be enslaved by an evil Cabal. The Great Reset into a New World Order is not going to […]

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The Shofar Blast of Your Life

The Shofar Blast of Your Life

On this eve to end the Jubilee year, I am rededicating my life to JAH. This post is my virtual shofar blast, to let God know that I am ready. Please let the slaves free and settle all debts, or lead us (we the people) forward to destroy evil. Time has come to make a […]

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President Trump third indictment

Great Awakening is Over

and there is No Snooze Control The great awakening ended when a series of 4 alarms went off, the masses of America have been awakened and now it’s time to get up. Sound of Freedom was the first loud alarm, Devon Archer the next, President Trump third indictment, was the third alarm. Then Australian Senator […]

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Sun Tzu the Art of War

Trump Tango Dances over Deep State

Trump Tango incites severe TDS, stop reading now if you suffer from truth. Trump is not corrupt, crooked or compromised. He was invited to run for POTUS and may have signed an agreement, to follow the plan provided by Q. We are watching a movie, Trump acts Travolta and he’s dancing like a champion. Broaden […]

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Lessons of Lions Gate

Lessons of the Lions Gate

I am Unapologetic for my respect and admiration of Juan O Savin. In my opinion, he’s as close to “Christ wisdom” as any person I have ever heard speak. Very articulate, mostly optimistic and despite the sad topics, his temperament is extraordinary. A character hardened by a life, none of us could imagine. This Lion’s […]

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The Book of Revelation is the final book of the New Testament (and therefore the final book of the Christian Bible).

The Revelation Explanation Chain Letter

Regardless if you believe in God or not, read this message and pass it on. This is a chain letter, please don’t break the Revelation Explanation Chain Letter. Throughout history, we can see how we have been strategically conditioned coming to this point where we are on the verge of a cashless society. Did you […]

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Digital Soldier sniper

There is No Surrender for a Digital Soldier

Defeat is not an option, there’s no surrender in the war against the forces of darkness We are living in the greatest time to be alive, during the greatest wealth transfer in human history. We the people are taking our planet back, with you as digital soldier, the tide has turned in favour of the […]

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Revenge and Redemption for Ivermectin and Chloroquine

I am a gentle man, filled with love but fighting as a digital soldier for truth and global peace. Forgiveness is the way forward for the horrific crimes that have been perpetrated against us. We don’t need revenge, what we need is retribution and redemption. Juxtapose the word Ivermectin with redemption or retribution, it makes […]

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