God is Good! Thy Word is Truth

Trump says Nothing can stop what is coming.

Promises made, promises kept… said by Aristotle and demonstrated by Donald J. Trump

Trump is not a tyrant, the masses have come to realize this truth. God is good and will not allow “We the People” to be enslaved by an evil Cabal. The Great Reset into a New World Order is not going to happen. Popular consensus has shifted, as enough people have made the great awakening to the truth. Trump is our best hope for peace.

Truth is that Trump won in 2020

The largest crime in history took place, as U.S. democracy was stolen in a coup. Every possible legal avenue was taken to prove it and take back the Presidential office, however the resistance was strong and the steal so well planned and funded, that the probability of a civil war was too high. The only option was legal and allow the wheels of justice to grind slowly towards the truth.

Trump in prayer
God is good

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

John 17:17

In a contest not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We need to seek God to provide guidance, each and every one of us. Trump has made the promise, at great risk to himself and his family, to restore United States of America to “We the People”.

We need to pray for God to protect Trump

God is good

Words from Juan O Savin

Juan O Savin has been spreading the Good News, that God made a covenant with the pioneers, pilgrims and puritans, way back on Plymouth rock. Prayer is much needed now. The challenges soon to come, requires strong faith. Only God knows the future, we’re advised to seek his word.

Nothing can stop what is coming!

Expect a near death experience for America, according to Juan but “take a deep breath” and have faith. The covenant between God and the sons and daughters of America, will hold strong. We’re a big country and can handle these tribulations. We pray that enough Patriots have held the agreements, and enough good people prayed for salvation, in the name of Jesus Christ. United States of America will be redeemed.

Trump on Rhino season opening day.
Rhino Hunter

Revelations are happening daily. The process of electing a new “Speaker of the House” (for example), was crucial to identify the Republicans in Name Only (Rhinos). More exposure and disclosure for all the world to see, as the power of a Trump endorsement becomes ever more obvious. Rarely in history has one man so captured an electorate, and never in history has one man become as popular on a global stage.

Truth is that Trump is the Best Hope for PEACE

Peace seems so impossible at this moment in time, however the wheels of justice have determined that widespread voter fraud occurred in 2020, also we now know there was no Russian collusion but there was massive election interference by Big Tech.

It’s inevitable that the rightful, legitimate USA President, be returned to office.

President is not a personality contest, it’s about stopping war. Peace is simply about opening dialog and beginning negotiations. God has chosen Trump, for the Art of this Deal. All we have to pray for, is that Donald Trump, be re-instated as President asap!

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