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Hive Mind

Hive Blog Rocks the Blockchain

Hive Blog Rocks the Blockchain Today I feel like I did on the first day of learning the world wide web was completely next-level compared to Compuserve, AOL and Prodigy but for many reading this they may only vaguely recognize the mention of those first 3 online platforms. Back then AOL was much more engaging […]

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Exodus & Trezor Que entre la luz

Exodus & Trezor Que Entre La Luz

Click and marvel, how easy it is…. Exodus helps individuals control their wealth independent of old banking models and free from institutional control. Now, Exodus & Trezor make advanced security easy – allowing anyone to safely manage digital assets. Exodus is a software platform ONLY and does not conduct any independent diligence on or substantive […]

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ZenDAO a Liquid Democracy Treasury Model

ZenDAO Liquid Democracy Treasury Model

The ZenDAO voting platform can replace the old corporate model of business organization with an inclusive, provably fair, and transparent economic system with incentives to participate. Horizen is building a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) as a voting mechanism to allocate treasury funds to continue the development of the Horizen platform. The ZenDAO will be one […]

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My office in the Imagination Factory

My Office in the Imagination Factory

Bitcoin was born of imagination, almost like a John Lennon lyric; imagine a world with no central bank governance? Imagine a way to digitize money and share or send it across borders without any hassle, simple and easy, pier-to-pier transfers? Imagine an electronic network of digital money that everyone can trust and everyone, everywhere, wants […]

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The Art of Writing

The Art of Writing and Purpose of this Blog

The best way to learn to write, is to write. It is said that the best way to get started is to just begin writing. These are the steps towards the Art of Writing. Some of us have always wanted to be writers and some of were naturally gifted in this expression, while others were […]

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