My Office in the Imagination Factory

My office in the Imagination Factory

It’s the middle of winter in British Columbia, as I write this story about imagination, the most valuable commodity in cyber space.

Bitcoin was born of imagination, almost like a John Lennon lyric; imagine a world with no central bank governance? Imagine a way to digitize money and share or send it across borders without any hassle, simple and easy, pier-to-pier transfers? Imagine an electronic network of digital money that everyone can trust and everyone, everywhere, wants and prefers?

In my mind, this is a new way of developing our world, that is primarily online and creates entire new industries and eco-systems, as we pioneer new ideas and create new language to describe our advancement.

This blockchain bonanza is bigger and growing much faster into a larger wave of development than the web, especially since the web had the wind knocked-out of it’s sails in 2000, even 1999 with Y2K, when there should have been tremendous innovation the investment capital stopped flowing into Internet related projects. None the less, entrepreneurs trudged onward to continue building better systems, connecting every inch of the planet, increasing the speeds and developing the infrastructure and software to transition onto mobile devices and make an app for everything imagination could discover, plus sell digital products to a new generation who use a mobile phone to compute and communicate in a totally new way.

Blockchain improves every aspect of the web infrastructure and makes the use of information technology a quantum leap better.

We live in a brave new space and time for the human race. We have the opportunity to imagine our way out of the dire circumstances we find ourselves in, however it can only happen collectively. There is an awakening happening and the Internet is partly responsible, as it’s innate in humans that we need to know our own truth, about the nature of things that happen in our world. Being connected to all parts of the planet and having empathy for all people, everywhere, is peace revolution.

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