Trump Peace I Give to You

Imagine the audacity to compare Donald Trump to Jesus Christ? Only if you understand peace can you make this connection. Peace is born incarnate into each and every living being, it’s not something we can obtain from outside of ourselves. We must find peace within ourselves, before we can give it to anyone else.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14:27

God himself will come and live inside of us, he will never leave us or abandon us, he will always be there in anything we face in life. And specifically, Jesus tells the disciples that the Holy Spirit will teach them all things and remind them of all Jesus has said. Trump is a manifestation of this understanding and why he represents peace.

We are living in a time of world war, it’s not been declared this time. There were no dramatic headlines, on the front pages of news papers. This time we slipped into to it slowly at first and then all of a sudden.

Now China has parked all ships, shut-down factories that produced foreign sales and crushed global supply chains.

Retail sales has slumped in the U.S. and domestic manufacturing is facing shortages of parts that once shipped “just-on-time” from China. Trump will solve the global supply-chain problems and help China re-boot their economy.

The open southern border of the United States is proof that CCP infiltrated the U.S. Government and owns Joe Biden. No reasonable law-abiding person would allow this massive crime spree to take place, unless they were being paid, or intentionally wanted to damage America. In some cases the Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 50-100 times stronger than morphine, is thrown over the border wall or dropped off by drone, to drug dealers looking for free easy money. Trump has a plan to end drug trafficking.

The crimes against children, happening at the open southern border of the United States is proof that evil forces are at work. The forces of darkness have been allowed to run wild, the number of lives lost and/or destroyed, surpasses the casualties of the Ukraine war. Trump made it his administrations mission to end human trafficking.

China is reported to be working with Mexican Drug Cartels to move-into every community in America. Anywhere there was cannabis cultivation, the cartels have taken over. All the way to Montana they’ve set-up Crystal Meth labs and a Fentanyl distribution rat-lines. Televised execution of drug dealers may seem harsh but this is a tough problem.

Against all the bad news, I proclaim that Trump will bring peace. War is happening now, and when the masses awaken to the peril we face, there will be change. All this mayhem was necessary to open the minds of the woke and the deceived. Unless people see, with their own eyes, just what hell on earth looks like, they will never make the decision to turn-back. Trump always knew that peace would take time but we are a nation of law and order.

Sadly, we’re going to have to march, all of us, to the edge of the abyss and look directly into hell. Crimes against children will unite humanity, we haven’t seen the truth exposed (yet). Trump knows truth so shocking that he once made the hardest decision of his life, then decided against disclosure. People weren’t ready for the truth then but here it comes.

This year the military budget of the U.S. will reach $1Trillion Dollars, and until the masses see the results of what has been spent recently, there won’t be a collective will to end the Military Industrial Complex. Until we end the never-ending war machine production, there will not be peace. Trump will bring all troops home and make America first, spending money to help Veterans and move America into a peace-time nation.

If Trump were not into peace, he could have used his pen to take power. Had Trump signed the Insurrection Act before January 6th 2021, he could have exposed the entire plot to steal the election, including the involvement of China. John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, reported that there was foreign interference in the 2020 election. Trump would have been absolved from using his authority to reverse the stolen election results, however it would have brought civil war to America and that’s what the forces of darkness wanted.

World Peace is a path, it’s not a destination. There’s a process involved in a peace path, it’s called law and order. Peace can’t be forced, it has to be reached. Prosperity is the key benefit of peace. Everyone wants freedom and liberty to pursue happiness. Trump knows how to make people happy, let them prosper by negotiating fair trade deals. We need China to be our partners in prosperity and China needs our food supply.

War is a lost cause, whereas Peace is win-win. Trump is a man of peace, awaiting his moment to make it happen. The world is waking-up to the fact that there’s one man alive who can solve the problems we now face, he’s standing in the shadows, watching and waiting, knowing that it’s God’s will to bring peace to earth.

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