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Aaron A Day - siliconpalms vblog

siliconpalms vlog

Inspire and motivate self-improvement and harm-reduction. The siliconpalms vlog is a positive attitude outlet, with the objective to create a good vibe every day and to provide value to anyone who watches and listens to the meaningful message. Combat the blues and overcome lethargy by changing the way you think about the world. Improve your […]

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Stop to smell the flowers - life by design

Living by Design

Design is in everything, anything can be designed. Life is by design, as well, you can design your own life. To live without design, should be a crime because all it takes is imagination to create a designer lifestyle. Just ask yourself if you’re happy, in all aspects of your life? If there’s some aspect […]

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Conflict of Conscience

I hand-coded and published my first HTML web page in 1993, ever since then my thinking about what I should be doing with my web-publishing passion, has vacillated between projects for helping disadvantage children in third-world countries, or providing information and services to help wealthy North Americans invest offshore. Living in South Florida at that […]

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