Silver Warrior is a Digital Soldier

Silver Warrior is a Digital Soldier

In the toughest part of the battle, along comes the Silver Warrior

Gold and Silver are God’s money. Thirty pieces of silver was the price for which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and fulfilled two Old Testament prophecies. At today’s spot price that would be over $800 USD, back then it was a half month of salary for a Roman soldier. Never to be forgotten for a good reason.

The has been leading an attack on the highest flag in an information war, control of the currency (think flow). Today the Silver Warrior image was released to the world, as wondrous as the Star Spangled Banner once was, to the Patriots who fought in the battle of Baltimore. And the flag was still there.

The has been indicating that a new Debt-free, Non-interest Bearing, Wealth Creation, Treasury Certificate, is planned to be issued in 2025. The Federal Reserve has used Debt-based Notes and lent into circulation for over 110 years. The new money will be spent into circulation and backed by gold, silver and much more. This is the dawn of a new era in money.

Silver Warrior sends a powerful message to Digital Soldiers

The largest volunteer army in human history is at attention. Our day has arrived and we are ready to HODL (hold on for dear life) to use a Crypto term. Also amongst our masses are holders of XLM, a silver backed Crypto and owners of silver mines, silver shares and silver bullets.

The promise of our collective ambition, is to restore United States of America to it’s Constitutional Authority, since it was stolen in 2020. We are determined to live by our credo “In God we Trust” and accept that we are in a spiritual war first, and an information war second. Therefore, we have used our collective might to command control over the production, supply and sales of Silver (in all forms).

We the People are in control, as we hold all the silver AND we are keyboard warriors. There are far too many of us online and Deep State failed to take away our freedom of speech. We are coalescing with our thought-leaders. Turns out that we hold vast intellectual resources, which we are now turning against groups, boards, committees and organization that have attempted to enslave, or harm us.

The New Money will not have a Social Credit Score connected to a Digital ID, that was the evil-plan of corrupted-thinkers. The new Treasury Certificates will replace the old Federal Reserve Notes and the entire world will be replenished with the currency that makes it all work together.

ATM machines all over the world will have the new Treasury Certificates, the systems of money exchange will be where you’ll need Digital ID. The genius plan was to cause as little disruption to the flow (currency) because 91 countries depend on the US Dollar for daily operations and the entire monetary system is calibrated to that one instrument, the USD.

Q always said; “it had to be this way”. Now we have the Silver Warrior to show us the path. If the US Treasury had of announced the day of change, the world may have gone into Chaos. If they had of waited until 2025 there may not have been a world left to provide money for. Nothing works like God’s money for ending war, as every dark cloud has a silver lining.

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