Wally Day and the Angel Over Okanagan

Wally Day skiing

My Dad died a week ago today, he went with love and some last words from my Mom. She said “Wally, if you lose your way on the other side, just say the name of Jesus and he’ll come and get you”. Well apparently he said those magic words, in the name of Yeshua he sent us a sign of his passage.

My sister and I were astonished by what lit up the sky directly over the house of Wally Day. The Angel had a head and body with wings stretching over all of the city of Kelowna. Wally died peacefully, in the same hospital where he was born in 1931.

Wally Day was a good man and led a blessed life, he loved his way through. Loved skiing, beaches, boating, sports and bar-b-ques but most of all he loved his friends and family. There’s so much more that I want to say but for now, I want people to marvel at the once in a millennium solar weather anomaly (above). The Northern Lights are extremely rare to be seen this far south.

God is good!

Photo Source: Friday night skies lit up bright as Northern Lights visible across the planet
DAY, Wallace Arthur (Wally)

January 9, 1931 – May 10, 2024

Wally passed away peacefully, after a remarkable 93 years on this earth. He skied 81 of those years and was married to Mary Anne for almost 67 years. Wally is survived by Mary Anne, son, Aaron, daughters, Shannon, and Shelley, and grandchildren: Liam, Sam, Richard, and Lola. Wally and Mary Anne were true partners in life, sharing everything from building boats to being active and supportive in the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Wally was born in Kelowna to Dr. Lloyd and Lola Day, members of a Pioneer family. Wally spent most of his life in the Okanagan. He had a long career with Okanagan Tel and BC Tel, retiring early enough to get lots of extra skiing and boating in.

Wally and Mary Anne shared their passion for skiing, teaching at Mt. Baker and Apex Mountain prior to forming the ski school at Baldy in 1969. Wally also served on the board of the community association. Wally had fond memories of his time at Baldy, and his cabin. Those thoughts were never far from his mind.

In his later years, Wally regularly skied Big White, golfed at Shannon Lake, and in recent times, continued to ride his e-bike.

Wally was gentle, kind, and a true friend.

No service by request.

Condolences and memories can be shared with the family by visiting www.everdenrust.com.

Link: www.everdenrust.com/obituaries/Wallace-Arthur-Day?obId=31507202

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