CBK Umbrella Company a Film Treatment

The film “CBK Umbrella Company” opens with a montage of news footage about the tragic deaths of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. The film then cuts to present day New York City, where we see a homeless man on the street being handed an umbrella by a mysterious woman.

The woman is revealed to be Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, who is now living a life of secrecy and obscurity with her husband JFK Jr. They are the founders of CBK Umbrella Company, a double entendre that refers to both the product they sell to the public and the company they run to protect themselves from prying eyes.

The umbrellas sold by CBK Umbrella Company are not just ordinary umbrellas, but are equipped with advanced technology that can collect data and intel. The umbrellas can also be used to make a network that blocks IOT tracking, which helps to obscure CBK’s whereabouts.

As a parody of the TV show Get Smart, the CBK Umbrella is called “the Agent 99” and is a fully loaded technological tool for environmental surveillance. It can detect and block EMF waves and airborne nano-particles, and can instantly detect dozens of toxins. It records GPS data, distance traveled, and every wifi channel on your path, while also stopping man-in-the-middle spy tech. The Agent 99 is completely connected to your mobile phone and can jam obnoxious signals or block Internet of everything sensors. It can even identify friend or foe devices and tag safe wifi hotspots for future use.

CBK Umbrella Company is set up to help the homeless, and in every city, homeless individuals are enlisted to help hide the celebrity couple that the public has not seen since 1999. The umbrellas are world-famous, some with gold inlay and gems, and are all made by formerly homeless employees.

CBK runs an online news and media enterprise and travels around America solving problems. She lives in luxury apartments and mansions, which she has turned into a unique lodging business. People can pay to LARP (live-action role play) and sign a disclaimer agreeing to pay a weekly fee to be a part of the LARP. At each CBK accommodation, there is a team of LARP entourage members, including social media influencers and news reporters.

The objective of the LARP is to create the impression that CBK is in town and working on a project to help the homeless. Online content creators film the pretend CBK in that city, and the idea is that no one ever knows where CBK actually is because the umbrellas that are in all of the cities act as a shield.

The purpose of CBK Umbrella Company is to surveil chaos, and the objective of the LARP is to protect CBK and make her into an anti-celebrity. The LARP creates a television show that creates a movie that creates an online interactive artificial intelligent (AI) game called CBK Umbrella Company.

As the film progresses, we see the challenges that CBK and JFK Jr. face as they try to maintain their secrecy while also running their business and helping the homeless. They are constantly under threat from various organizations and individuals who are trying to uncover their true identities. The film ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the audience wondering what will happen next in the lives of CBK and JFK Jr.

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