We the People Love Juan O Savin

Trump Lawman
Il Donaldo – The Vengeance of The People

We the People Love 107 because he and his Sidekick Bounty Hunter are ‘Kicking Ass!’

Bounty is out on a couple hundred thousand criminals for treason and the tables have turned. Can you handle the truth? What if I told you the ring on Juan’s hand contains the blood of the man code-named “Timberwolf”? 1

Had it occurred to you that looking-glass and time-travel are weapons?

What part of “losing is not an option” don’t you understand? Are you able to wrap your head around the enormity of the stakes these two hombres are playing for? This is Casino Royale for the future of humanity, chips are down and we are all-in. Pick a lane!

Juan (107) is a voice of truth in a sea of disinformation and fake news. His telling us the truth, that’s what won so many million hearts and minds, so fast. It’s the power of truth, resonates in everything he says. Sure there’s taboo topics but that’s because he wants us focused on a single point of fact. The 2020 Election (aka diamonds) were stolen from We the People.

107 and the White Hat Patriots are going to get back the diamonds, even if trails leads to ends of the earth. This is the law and these are law men, who uphold a sworn oath to the constitution. 

Juan O Savin reading Kid by the Side of the Road

Little did the diamond thieves know, a sting operation was set to capture their operation in a way where we have it all. In others words, irrefutable evidence of foreign interference. That’s when the bounty was issued and the hunters became the hunted.

107 is able to describe what happened 60 years ago, to explain how and why we’re here now in dystopia.

The question you have to ask when you consider Trump… Who invited him to run? Well, with 107, the question you have to ask… How come the corporate media never covers him? Or uncovers him, especially if you run a search on his Alias. Why is there no hashtag for 1 or 7? As he’s the feature in thousands of videos. If you can answer that question. You’re showing signs of discernment. The key about 107; Is discernment.

Kid by the Side of the Road

Why doesn’t he have a media channel? Has a book. Why didn’t the book sell on Amazon? How many books have been sold? How many downloads of the books. How many millions of copies have been read?

This is a genius grassroots publishing, guerrilla marketing strategy, unlike anything in history. All achieved without having a single social media account, just a cell phone number. Go figure that out?

Kid by The Side of the Road is recommended reading for all people, of all creeds, from all countries to learn the truth of what can happen to justice if freedom and liberty are stolen. This man is a champion for We the People, for all time. We the people love 107 for telling us the truth.

His actions match his words, He’s always. Upbeat always positive and one of the greatest things about this man of mystery, is that he made it cool to love God openly again. 

Over the decades, we’ve been beat down by indoctrination, that your faith needs to be kept away from your life and your business. You would never see people making videos or social media posts about putting on the Armor of God and proclaiming Jesus as the King of Kings, now 107 made it cool again. 

The prayers shared by 107. Are so pure and honest sincere, That they seem like they’re coming from Heaven itself. 

So remember, Losing is not an option. Take a deep breath, remain calm and smile with gratitude, we the people have Juan O Savin and together, we got this.

  1. Juan O Savin stated to Nino, in a video on Nino’s Corner Oct. 3, 2023, that his ring does not contain a bloodstone but rather; the gem comes from Afghanistan. ↩︎

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