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Qeyapaplanewx the Great Warrior Chief of the Musqueam

Qeyapaplanewx demands respect and deserves to be honored. Over 300 years ago Vancouver was his Kingdom, he was the Chief of the Musqueam Nation. His place marker overlooks the Pacific from a perch above the cliffs and if it were not for a memorial he’d be all but forgotten. Not anymore because I will always […]

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WordCamp Vancouver 2019

Raincity WordCamp, Vancouver 2019

Did I say how much I love WordPress? And how excited I am to go to WordCamp? A web geek at heart and incredibly excited to go to this event, first time in my life I’m happy to go to a camp of any kind but today I was walking around the UBC campus (in […]

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Vancouver Sunset 2015

Vancouver VYVE Tribe Party

Oh to be twenty something again…. especially in Vancouver for the summer of 2019, to experience the most amazing phenomenon, a new type of party activity that is totally extraordinary and completely inclusive, alcohol free and totally insane (just the same) but clean safe fun beyond your wildest imagination. I’ve had the most fun summer […]

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Vancouver Intercontinental Consulting Group (VICG)

Vancouver Intercontinental Consulting Group (VICG)

His name is Kwan Lok LEE  (Leon) he’s a semi-retired Engineer from Vancouver, Canada. Leon is the founder and CEO of Vancouver Intercontinental Consulting Group (VICG), now specializing at Infrastructure Funding. Please visit the Vancouver Intercontinental Consulting Group (VICG) website. Leon Graduated B. Sc in Mechanical Engineering with Higher Honors in 1993 from North Carolina […]

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Bob Marley's Eyes

Cannabis Industry Plastic Catastrophe

“One good thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley Ask yourself what Bob Marley would think about the plastic packaging of weed? Taxing weed is like putting electricity in wires, against Nature, as Tesla demonstrated, forcing buds into plastic containers, little ones, bigger ones, and many with lids […]

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Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

Orpheum Theatre for Easter Sunday

Thanks to Coastal Church of Vancouver for opening the doors of the Orpheum Theatre and entertaining us, and presenting such an awe inspiring Easter Sunday presentation. During the service we celebrated the resurrection of our Saviour with dynamic worship music, stories of real life change, special media, musical elements, and a powerful message from Pastor, […]

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"Lady Cecilia" under the Lions Gate Bridge 1939. City of Vancouver Archives, CVA 99-2951, photographer Start Thomson

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver

2017 – Vancouver – Lions Gate Bridge South Pier I was riding my bicycle across the overpass in Stanley Park and stopped in the middle to admire the perfect view of Lions Gate Bridge, when I noticed a little plaque that said the following: The Guinness brewing family built the Lions Gate Bridge which opened […]

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Smoke in the Okanagan


Climate change has caused increasing amounts and intensity of forest fires in British Columbia and Washington State. This day we were experiencing smoke in the Okanagan Valley from Winthrop in Washington State, way down in the Cascade’s as we would say…. By Bala from Seattle, USA – Bleeding Skies Uploaded by X-Weinzar, CC BY 2.0, […]

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Indigo Vancouver

Vancouver Calling

Indigo Vancouver Over a month ago a friend gave me a special gift for my birthday, a report based on my name and birth date, to produce what I call the Indigo Vancouver message. Here’s what it said: Color: Indigo Navy Blue Jewels: Pearl, Sapphire, Lapiz Keyword: Responsibility Now it’s time for home and family, […]

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Vancouver Winter Olympics

On this day 50 years ago I entered this world on a night that was so stormy in Vancouver that electricity was knocked out through much of the city and phone lines were down in North Vancouver. It was in the very early hours at Lions Gate Hospital, so I’m told, that my mother delivered […]

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