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Gratitude is an Attitude

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada, with Gratitude  Everyday I feel blessed and give thanks to God for living in the Pacific Northwest. Today is October 10th and it’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, and it feels like summer by the sea. Temperatures are warm, blue skies, calm weather and beautiful sunshine. Such a blessing. I never […]

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John 8-32

The Great Awakening and Slaves No More!

As I continue this rant against the Deep State in this war of good versus evil. I was conflicted whether or not to write on this blog or Silicon Forest, which is the official home of the Vancouver Economic Summit. So I decided to State my claims here, although it was the summit, the Round-table discussions, […]

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Girl in a Wetsuit statue, Stanley Park

Girl in a Wetsuit

Girl in a Wetsuit Girl in a Wetsuit is a life-size 1972 bronze sculpture by Elek Imredy of a woman in a wetsuit, located on a rock in the water along the north side of Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Every day, rain or shine, I stop my bicycle on the 10 km ride […]

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Vancouver at night

Vancouver Economic Summit celebrates 10 Years in 2022

Steamworks Welcomes the Economic Summit Steamworks Brew Pub is the venue for Vancouver Economic Summit April 12, 2022 – 5:30 Happy Hour – Open Debate Vancouver Economic Summit celebrates 10 Years in 2022 and now that Corona mandate restrictions have been removed in British Columbia, we are returning to Steamworks Brew Pub at 375 Water […]

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Freedom Convoy Trucker

Big Doors Swing on Tiny Hinges

Big doors swing on tiny hinges is a quote attributed to W. Clement Stone, although I’m sure he borrowed it, just like Juan O Savin often does. Many times during interviews Juan mentions that in this war of good versus evil, or children of light versus the forces of darkness (if you prefer), he talks […]

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Wild Coyote

Wild Coyotes of Vancouver

Wild Coyotes co-exist with humans and share a one thousand acre natural habitat. A couple of nights ago I went to see Bikini Beach in Stanley Park, on the edge of the city of Vancouver. I like to walk the sand on low tide and witness the changes made recently by powerful winter storms. It […]

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Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge under Construction

Vancouver Lions Gate Bridge sunset reflection in a tide pool, 2002 The Lions Gate Bridge, opened in 1938 and officially known as the First Narrows Bridge, is a suspension bridge that crosses the first narrows of Burrard Inlet and connects the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, to the North Shore municipalities of the District of […]

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Bikini Beach, Vancouver

Bikini Beach, Vancouver

One of the best kept secrets of the city of Vancouver is the the tiny beach at the entrance to Stanley Park, at the start of Lost Lagoon Drive, where the Pacific kisses the sandy log strewn shores. The beach, some say, earned her name because of it’s size, others say because it’s the best […]

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Qeyapaplanewx the Great Warrior Chief of the Musqueam

Qeyapaplanewx demands respect and deserves to be honored. Over 300 years ago Vancouver was his Kingdom, he was the Chief of the Musqueam Nation. His place marker overlooks the Pacific from a perch above the cliffs and if it were not for a memorial he’d be all but forgotten. Not anymore because I will always […]

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WordCamp Vancouver 2019

Raincity WordCamp, Vancouver 2019

Did I say how much I love WordPress? And how excited I am to go to WordCamp? A web geek at heart and incredibly excited to go to this event, first time in my life I’m happy to go to a camp of any kind but today I was walking around the UBC campus (in […]

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