The Great Awakening and Slaves No More!

As I continue this rant against the Deep State in this war of good versus evil. I was conflicted whether or not to write on this blog or Silicon Forest, which is the official home of the Vancouver Economic Summit.

So I decided to State my claims here, although it was the summit, the Round-table discussions, that enabled me to learn so quickly in the beginning that we were dealing with a bio weapon, which means we’re at War, it doesn’t matter if it was released on purpose or accident. It’s a bio weapon.

The scamdemic bio-War Began but I believe that the Jab is all part of a much larger broader older plan. And because of hosting these events the Round-table discussions early on back in 2020. Our group had to debate the term and concept of depopulation. Now, this is something nobody wants to hear about… depopulation (yikes!). And maybe many haven’t given it a thought. But it’s real and it’s happening. The excess death rates are proof, the sudden adult death syndrome deaths, and unexplained cardiac related deaths are vaccine injury deaths, and they hadn’t been reported all the way along.

The media was complicit and basically the leading Healthcare Providers of our planet were duped, they were tricked and deceived, they had for years trusted in the pharmaceutical companies to be putting safe ingredients into people’s bodies but no one wanted to admit it. When we first started to discover, That there was something wrong drastically wrong and they continue to lower the age that was partly. Because if they can get it allowed for children, they become immune to prosecution. And that has been the objective of the big Pharmaceuticals is to avoid responsibility. 

Only 1.5% of those eligible to receive the new Covid booster jab – which was tested on just 8 mice, not humans, before the FDA approved it – have taken the updated shot, according to data released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Zero Hedge

So, here we are at the Great Awakening. It’s now proven from a recent Pfizer report that only one point five percent of eligible. Participants in the experimental Job Program, 1.5 percent have taken the fourth booster, which is recommended by Pfizer. So they haven’t publicized that. But it is a Signal that the Great Awakening is happened and people have realized that we’re facing an enemy that wants to depopulate the planet. 

Slaves No More

Christ Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

John 8:32

Slaves No More is a favourite term of Juan O Savin and that is what we have awakened to, its also connected to the central banking system of the world. Enslavement became serious when they created a fiat currency and took us off the gold standard some 50 years ago, in 1971. And ever since that day, the value of that Fiat paper currency has been diminishing to the point where is only a few pennies of buying power left of the 100 cents to the dollar. Now it’s almost finished its run so… Slaves No More! As we learn the truth and return to sound money.

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