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Ascension Guide to Enlightenment

Ascension is happening, with or without you. The great awakening is more than a slogan and mankind has already passed the point of no return. Collectively, we are ascending towards total enlightenment and nothing can stop us. Sure, there are those who wish to enslave us and many who fell for the idea. Two thirds […]

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Let's go Brandon!

War for the World was Won by “We the People”

War for the World was Won by “We the People” but we have a long way to go before Victory dancing in the streets. Many if not most people didn’t even know we were in a war (for control of the world) because they were never informed by the mainstream media, despite the facts being […]

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by John James Audubon depicting White-headed Eagle.

Preservation of Peace and Freedom

Eagles in the wild are awe inspiring, they represent the Preservation of Peace and Freedom in nature. Superior capabilities and more power than anything on the ground because of timing and advantage of location (over head) but there’s something much more lethal about the Eagle and that’s it’s instinct to capture. They rule over nature. […]

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