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Pyramid Valley, Bangalore

Earthships, Organite and Pyramid Power

I recon if I live long enough that Earthships, Organite and Pyramid Power will become so common as to be blasé, as the millennial’s have now picked up on organite and many more people are learning about earthships. Eventually everyone will know about these wonderful products. In my mind I’d be ecstatic if Michael Reynolds, […]

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[Kepulauan Mentawai, Indonesia] Phalaenopsis mentawaiensis ‘#2' O.Gruss, Orchidee (Hamburg) 65: 238 (2014)

Orchids and Orgonite Pyramids

SUBGENUS Polychilos SECTION Amboinenses Sweet 1968 Lifeform: Epiphyte Distribution: Sumatera (Kep. Mentawai) (42 SUM) My lucky day today, as I acquired a spectacular two stem Phalaenopsis Orchid, from my favourite plant store in the West End of Vancouver. Windsor Market it’s called, operated by really nice people originally from Japan. Windsor Market has been on […]

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Bosnian Pyramid

Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina Surprising how even with the Internet a story like a the Bosnian Pyramid discovery could have skipped my attention. My entire life I’ve been fascinated with pyramids and for as long as I can remember knew instinctively that the Egyptian Pyramid history (his story) was myth but recently I first learned about this […]

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Aldous Huxley quote - The War on Consciousness

The War on Consciousness Video

Ever since my teens I’ve been fascinated by Atlantis, pyramids, crystals, ancient history and lost civilizations. Maybe most people are curious about these subjects but the person who’s done an exceptional job of exploring these topics is Graham Hancock. His work, 15+ books and 5 films, is rich in detail, with a keen sense of […]

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