Earthships, Organite and Pyramid Power

Pyramid Valley, Bangalore

I recon if I live long enough that Earthships, Organite and Pyramid Power will become so common as to be blasé, as the millennial’s have now picked up on organite and many more people are learning about earthships. Eventually everyone will know about these wonderful products.

In my mind I’d be ecstatic if Michael Reynolds, the inventor of Earthship Biotecture from New Mexico were to find a practical way to incorporate both organite and pyramid energy into his designs, most likely he has at one project over so many builds (as they call them), however I’ve yet to see one.

As for Organite, it’s largely due to rising awareness of damaging EMF waves caused by wifi in our world of IoT, so on Amazon for example there are dozens if not hundreds of Organite vendors selling a vast array of designs, styles, shapes and sizes but by far the most common is the pyramid. Although, keep in mind that organite was originally generated in a cabinet that resembled a thick wooden cabinet, so the pyramid shape was adopted.

It’s the combination of the pyramid and the elements inside the resin that cause the most effect and I’m not one to be able to notice it but they can be tested by using an EMF sensor and a cell phone, measuring with and without the organite. So there you have it, we can’t prove that organite actually omits anything but we can provide that it reduces EMF (electro magnetic frequency).

The key purpose of a good organite pyramid is to use near your head when you are sleeping, so that you can give your brain a better rest from the constant bombardment of the hidden waves we call wifi. Then the the pyramid is mentioned here to, as it’s similar in that it’s hard to prove that the correctly tuned structure does anything measurable but there’s dozens of test you can do, for example cut fruit in half and put half in and half out but once again all you can prove is what doesn’t happen.

Earthships are the most exciting invention to me, since the wheel. To get people living in shelters that produce food and generate their own electricity is such a breakthrough towards creating peaceful, happy existence on planet earth and get off the grid and back to nature.

I found a new Earthship video today, from Collingwood, Ontario and I want to share this and keep spreading the good news.

Pyramid Photo credit: criatvt on / CC BY-NC-ND

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