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Tree Planter Tea

Tree Planter Tea Strategy

To endure one of the toughest jobs I ever had, which was to plant trees in British Columbia, the best tip I learned, was how to make what I now call “Tree Planter Tea”. The reason BC tree planting is the toughest job is because of the environment that you live and work in, for […]

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An illustration of the Spanish establishment at Yuquot at the time of Quadra and Vancouver’s visit in 1792.

Yuquat: Nootka Crisis

John Webber‘s Ship Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, c. 1788 In a race with other European nation states to establish colonies, since the 1490s Spain had claimed sovereignty over the Pacific coast of North and South America. The Spanish developed an empire that by the 16th century included much of South America, Central America and Mexico. […]

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Syilx Chief, Charlie Swkn̓cut

The Syilx People of the Okanagan Nation

Syilx Chief, Charlie Swkn̓cut Kelowna sits on the traditional, unceded territory of the Syilx/Okanagan people. This sculpture of historic Syilx Chief, Charlie Swkn̓cut, created by Crystal Przybille, features details signifying various aspects of Syilx culture. Kelowna, BC At the height of Syilx culture, about 3000 years ago, it is estimated that 12,000 people lived in […]

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French Beach , Vancouver Island, near Sooke, British Columbia

Sooke, British Columbia

French Beach, Vancouver Island, near Sooke, British Columbia The town of Sooke is another place in British Columbia that I have not seen and even though I won’t admit to a bucket list, there are some place I just feel I must go an experience for myself. That being said; Sooke British Columbia is high […]

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Freedom Cove, BC

Freedom Cove, Tofino

Freedom Cove, Tofino, BC February 2018 British Columbia is so vast that you constantly learn about or discover new incredible off-the-grid homesteads, such as Freedom Cove, Tofino, where the owners enjoy a holistic and balanced lifestyle and have flourished, right alongside Super Natural British Columbia. For the over 25 years, B.C. couple Wayne Adams and […]

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