Freedom Cove, Tofino

Freedom Cove, Tofino, BC
Freedom Cove, Tofino, BC February 2018

British Columbia is so vast that you constantly learn about or discover new incredible off-the-grid homesteads, such as Freedom Cove, Tofino, where the owners enjoy a holistic and balanced lifestyle and have flourished, right alongside Super Natural British Columbia.

Freedom Cove, BC

For the over 25 years, B.C. couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King have been living on an artificial island that they created themselves. The island property floats majestically at the end of an isolated cove that is located a 30-minute boat ride away from Tofino.

Freedom Cove Tour: Magical Living on a Floating World

Deep in the remote wilderness of Clayoquot Sound, in the little bay called Freedom Cove live the artists Catherine and Wayne Adams.

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Freedom Cove Float House, Tofino BC. Catherine & Wayne Adams live in the remote wilderness off Vancouver Island, BC, Canada on a floating “farm”. They sustain their lifestyle by growing most of their own food, including all their fruit and selling their art. Wayne is a carver and is constantly creating and recreating their home as a form of expression art. Catherine is also a carver who is the master mind behind the gardening and is also a painter and a writer.

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