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Gnostic consciousness

The Great Awakening is Expanding Human Consciousness

I am always fascinated by the concept of Ascension. My whole life, I’ve been interested in the power of the Mind, and have always known, that we humans are capable of so much more use of consciousness. The idea that we can Ascend relates more to energy and frequency. Whereas Consciousness, if you think about […]

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Stream of Consciousness

Swimming in the Stream of Consciousness

The most amazing thing has been happening to me lately, I’ve been diving into moments of synchronicity and swimming in the stream of consciousness. It’s like when you’re communicating and all of a sudden these amazing statements came out of your mouth, that sound incredibly wise and well articulated but you wonder where they came […]

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Aldous Huxley quote - The War on Consciousness

The War on Consciousness Video

Ever since my teens I’ve been fascinated by Atlantis, pyramids, crystals, ancient history and lost civilizations. Maybe most people are curious about these subjects but the person who’s done an exceptional job of exploring these topics is Graham Hancock. His work, 15+ books and 5 films, is rich in detail, with a keen sense of […]

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