The Great Awakening is Expanding Human Consciousness

I am always fascinated by the concept of Ascension. My whole life, I’ve been interested in the power of the Mind, and have always known, that we humans are capable of so much more use of consciousness.

The idea that we can Ascend relates more to energy and frequency. Whereas Consciousness, if you think about it, relates to thought and understanding Knowledge and wisdom. 

We now learn at such a fast pace through video and audio with visuals. As a Digital Soldier, in this information Warfare, memes are used to raise Consciousness and fight the enemy, which is Suppressing truth and censoring our conversations. 

Whereas the meme delivers an impact because it’s usually an image often funny or cynical. With words and the words, give it the pack that punch. It sounds kind of pathetic that were using memes to fight against corporate media, giant tech companies, massively powerful Big-pharma and corrupted embedded establishment figures. It’s likely that the theory of crime family blood-lines are in control of the planet at the moment. An evil Cabal has taken over complete control of USA by stealing the 2020 election and we the people, the majority of population, are using memes to defeat them by raising consciousness. 

We’re using online memes as digital soldiers to expand human consciousness, by tackling difficult topics with powerful images and some words. Usually it has this effect that people if they’re in disbelief, they go check it out and do the research for themselves. Or too many, I suppose just listen to the mainstream media, not to pay attention to conspiracy theory. 

It turns out many of conspiracy theories were true and more are coming true. Everyone knows something is coming and nothing can stop. What is coming is such a powerful slogan used by 45th President. Donald Trump, his memes are the best. So, creative, all of his words are so powerful in this information War, That he has Legions upon Legions of followers, repost his memes and words. And that is the nature of this war that we’re in, its to expand human consciousness. Our hope is that we could Ascend and move into a world of peace and harmony. 

Every day, get back online and Do your best to Tell the truth, to as many people as you can, to expand human Consciousness

The hardest part of the information war is coming, to the full understanding, how fiat currency through Central Bank systems has enslaved us. How the Federal Reserve private bank has stripped away the hard assets, the real assets. The Fed has stolen from the people, through a currency created out of thin air.

The toughest part coming up would be a full crash of the financial system, starting with the stock market, which we’ve had warning lights. Yesterday, the bank of England told all of its Traders and bankers to sell everything in the next three days, gave the bankers a warning. The bank had three days to divest all their risk assets, that were on the balance sheet, and sometimes off-ledger. The bank said to liquidate everything.

The other thing to realize is, when money is printed out of thin air, it’s done through Government Bonds. Now the bond market is crashing. There’s no buyers or no bid yo buy bonds. No buyers for long-term debt currency bonds.

In order for Humanity to be free, we need to return to Gold back money, which Russia is already done and selling their energy only in Gold back Rubles. Also, the BRICS Nations are planning on becoming the next Global Reserve currency, using gold-backed currency. The return to gold is expanding the consciousness of our planet and such an important part of regaining our freedom.

If Humanity is to fulfill it’s promise and grant the wish to reach peace and harmony, we will need to lift up the minds of the laggards. Consciousness expands at the pace of the lowest common denominator, that’s just not rapid enough because of the dire situation we find our collective-selves in. Meanwhile we’re trying to fight a massive media monster, with memes, which is not going to work in time. So there will have to be a shock and that’s all part of the Great Awakening. It’s coming, prepare consciousness for a shock, the likes of which the world has never known. 


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