Don’t worry be happy

Don’t worry be happy – Easy to say but how to achieve?

Sure we can trust in God, trust the plan and trust that we are watching a movie. Millions of us believe that the best is yet to come, however what we witness is the greatest shit-show of all time. Media bombards us with bad news and nothing seems to happen to blatant criminals, actually the bigger the crime the more the media covers-up the fact to hide the happy truth.

To keep a positive mental attitude, during this time in the evolution of humanity, is no easy feat. We are in a spiritual war, therefore we need to apply spiritual weapons. Peace and prosperity is our aim, so how do we get there from here?

Surprisingly little is required to be happy but we need time, in order to slow down the thinking. Generally speaking, given enough time, even in the most dire of circumstances, the human mind can find a path to peace. The process requires time, the result is knowledge, and this builds faith.

Have faith that the enemy of humanity, will fail in their plan to enslave us. Think about each evil deed that the cabal has perpetrated against we the people, Just two decades ago they pulled off a twin tower destruction and controlled demolished a free-standing 40 story building in NYC on live television, and tricked the 90+% (at first). They were at the height of their powers.

Now fast-forwarding, between 9-11 and CV19 the magic powers diminished because the audience was catching-on to the tricks. In recent times they no-longer hide the magicians, or worry that the masses have caught-on. It’s too late to turn back, the tricks no-longer fool the majority of the audience but the show must go on.

If we consider where the world would be now, had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 U.S. election, we should smile. The reason that we can be happy, in the face of a very turbulent landing into the future, is simple. Deep State false flags fail every time, mainstream media has lost credibility and the global cabal have lost control.

Fear Porn is at an all-time high and it’s coming from social media sources too. Many well-meaning Patriots have fallen for the false “Great Reset” spell. Others are fixated on a new world war, many caught-up in sex-change debate, meanwhile the southern border is catastrophic. The list goes on and on.

All we can do, is our best, to be happy. I am not saying to ignore the world, my recommendation is to not worry (so much). Be grateful for this opportunity, to be a part of this challenge for humanity. Great problems require greater solutions. To be in a calm state of mind is the quest. Pursue peaceful practices and concentrate on self-improvement.

Peace begins within. Don’t worry, be happy, to the best of your ability. Your state of mind has an effect of the universe, take responsibility for your own energy and do NOT spread fear and cause more worry. Turn off your devices and take walk, or ride a bike, anything to get into the moments and seek that time, when you forget about time.

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