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Lion's Gate Portal

Lion’s Gate Portal Energy

YOU ARE WITHIN THE LION’S GATE PORTAL ENERGIES! The Lion’s Gate Portal is always an amazing energetic gateway. This year it’s the perfect storm. Solar Weather Energies, Galactic Alignment Energies, plus Ascension Energies. All our standard energies plus the Lion’s Gate Portal Energies will increase the incoming energies, 10 fold. So if you’re beginning to […]

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Lions Gate

Lions Gate Portal 8/8 House of Mastery

Lions Gate Portal is a massive energy shift, happening in the upcoming days With the Schumann resonance blackout and the 8/8 portal Lions gate opening, supported by a New Moon, the energy is really powerful. For those sensitive to energy; brace yourselves. For all awakened, conscious and enlightened; this is your call to ground, transmute […]

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Lions Gate Club

Lions Gate Self-Sovereign Club

Lions Gate Self-Sovereign Club was launched today, so far over 60 people have visited the new site, in less than 12 hours and about 10% have signed up for the newsletter. A strategic target was met, in that all the social media accounts and user names were obtained and 8/8 was an ideal date to […]

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