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Aaron A Day - siliconpalms vblog

siliconpalms vlog

Inspire and motivate self-improvement and harm-reduction. The siliconpalms vlog is a positive attitude outlet, with the objective to create a good vibe every day and to provide value to anyone who watches and listens to the meaningful message. Combat the blues and overcome lethargy by changing the way you think about the world. Improve your […]

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Corcovado head Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Peace Revolution

Peace Revolution

On Oct 16 I moved into a rented suite in a Penthouse apartment overlooking Ibirapuera Park, the central park of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was so exciting to be back in Brasil, after 6 months in Canada, which was rapidly turning to winter, so every day and every night was filled with activity and exploration […]

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Created by the construction of Mica Dam on the Columbia River, Kinbasket Lake (For a short time known as McNaughton Lake) sits in the Rocky Mountain Trench on the Western edge of the Rockies. On the Western side of the Trench lies the Purcell and Selkirk Ranges of the Columbia Mountains.

Protect the Jumbo Valley

The Jumbo Valley, located deep in the wilds of British Columbia’s Purcell Mountains, has long been revered for its spiritual significance and beauty. To the Ktunaxa Nation, it is known as Qat’muk, home of the grizzly bear spirit. Part of a crucial international wildlife corridor, the Jumbo Valley is one of only two remaining areas […]

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Aldous Huxley quote - The War on Consciousness

The War on Consciousness Video

Ever since my teens I’ve been fascinated by Atlantis, pyramids, crystals, ancient history and lost civilizations. Maybe most people are curious about these subjects but the person who’s done an exceptional job of exploring these topics is Graham Hancock. His work, 15+ books and 5 films, is rich in detail, with a keen sense of […]

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Wild Orchid Ideas

Mission of the Wild Orchid Project Generate, provide and disseminate information and environmental studies for sustainable development of Wild Orchid Conservation Programs, with revenue generating business models, from sales of digital media, empowered by Social Activism. Wild Orchid intends to become an organization in the Eco-Index® – which encourages information sharing and collaboration among conservationists […]

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Mathematistan by Martin Kuppe

Resilient Community Planning

Resilient communities are capable of bouncing back from adverse situations. They can do this by actively influencing and preparing for economic, social and environmental change. When times are bad they can call upon the myriad of resources that make them a healthy community. A high level of social capital means that they have access to […]

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Earthships history - First experimental house completed new Taos, New Mexico

Earthships…. what’s not to like?

It’s about a year since I first heard the curious name: Earthship, and ever since I’ve continue to learn about, what is now known as Biotecture. Never was there a concept so mutually agreed upon to be a good idea, that as hard as anyone tried they couldn’t come up with reason to not like […]

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Get a Higher Perspective

Do you ever browse the “About” page of a website, or read a company’s “Mission Statement”? I do, not all the time but when I find outstanding information, often I’ll follow the links to the source and take some time to learn about the authors. HigherPerspective.com is one such case, the information is so interesting […]

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Stop to smell the flowers - life by design

Living by Design

Design is in everything, anything can be designed. Life is by design, as well, you can design your own life. To live without design, should be a crime because all it takes is imagination to create a designer lifestyle. Just ask yourself if you’re happy, in all aspects of your life? If there’s some aspect […]

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Tijuca National Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is proof God wants us happy

I didn’t invent that slogan but I think that Ben Franklin would agree. Brazil is perfection, in it’s natural state. Comparing to Canada the distances are as vast but due to the climate and geography, much of the countryside is lush and verdant green. Brazil is the last greatest country left on earth (in my […]

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