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Freedom Convoy Trucker

Big Doors Swing on Tiny Hinges

Big doors swing on tiny hinges is a quote attributed to W. Clement Stone, although I’m sure he borrowed it, just like Juan O Savin often does. Many times during interviews Juan mentions that in this war of good versus evil, or children of light versus the forces of darkness (if you prefer), he talks […]

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Light body

Juan O Savin Quantum Healing Technique for Blood

Juan O Savin Healing Technique for Nano Razor Blades in the Blood came to me in the most mysterious way. I was thinking about the clues he had given in the recent interview with David Nino Rodriguez, some very specific places to look. In my living room I always leave the Bible open to John […]

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Quercus suber, commonly called the cork oak

California Cork Oak and the Grapes of Wrath

Juan O Savin has charmed us again with some wisdom from the ages. The California Cork Oak was the setting for a true story of the grapes of wrath. When we left off with Juan he had been using a Red Sea Moment in ancient history, as an analogy for our present day situation. The […]

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Apollyon (top) battling Christian in John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.

The Storm is Upon Us by Jim Caviezel

The Storm is Upon Us by Jim Caviezel is the most important work of art in modern times. Jim has achieved something that no other living human being, in recent times has been able to do and that is describe in words, the fight on the edge of the bottomless pit. Not in our life […]

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Juan O Savin

Juan O Savin Leads us Towards the Light

Juan O Savin leads us towards the light of peace and love and uses stories from the Bible to compare our current situation to the parting of the Red Sea. Juan explains how during the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt that Moses and his two million followers were driven up against the sea by […]

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Let's go Brandon!

War for the World was Won by “We the People”

War for the World was Won by “We the People” but we have a long way to go before Victory dancing in the streets. Many if not most people didn’t even know we were in a war (for control of the world) because they were never informed by the mainstream media, despite the facts being […]

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