Global Currency Reset and Contract Law

Painting depicting the land rush in Oklahoma, 1889

Contract Law is the bedrock that the US dollar is built on. When America was first born, it was a Brand New Concept whereby individuals could own land. Private land ownership like this had never happened before. In Europe and elsewhere everything was a Serfdom. You could lease Land from the Lord, or the king or whomever was entitled to provide leases. Global Currency Reset happened for land.

Entitled being a keyword for land ownership in Europe

America titled land for personal private ownership, to any and all legal immigrants (legal meaning there was no warrant for your arrest). When this story reached Europe, that there was in America an actual land race, where people could in some cases, get set on your mark and at the shot of a gun, race across the open territory with their marker Flags, by horseback and wagon, or even on foot. Then put their flag on the ground at a marker post and be the proud owner of a plot of land in the wilderness.

During the mid-19th century, the time when the American Civil War was at its peak, President Abraham Lincoln developed a strategy to increase land ownership and development by signing the Homestead Act into law. It was intended to open western lands to allow people to settle on what the government considered to be “idle” tracts of land. The conditions set for the claimants included that one had to improve the condition of the land for the five years that they were allowed to settle in it, and to cultivate part of it for agricultural purpose.

This is important is because it connects Contract Law to US currency and the land was valued in gold and silver (in the beginning).

Banks were then, still are and always will be, Interested to lend money against land. Maybe that’s where the word “interest” comes from? Banks work of the necessity to buy and develop land via contract law, even to this day. It is uncommon that any property is bought in all cash, as there’s almost always a bank involved in every land transaction.

Every single house, apartment, cottage and plot of land has a deed and title, and likely has a bank attached to it. That is lent money or has developed loans from the ownership of the Land. Juan O Savin is trying to make a point of it’s importance of Contract Law to global currency. Remember, America is the very first country to have Fee Simple land ownership. That makes you equal to a lord or Prince or a king. Is you actually own the land?

In English law, a fee simple or fee simple absolute is an estate in land, a form of freehold ownership. A “fee” is a vested, inheritable, present possessory interest in land. A “fee simple” is real property held without limit of time (i.e., permanently) under common law, whereas the highest possible form of ownership is a “fee simple absolute,” which is without limitations on the land’s use. This type of Contract Law for anyone to own property, was unique in The Human Experience.

Having lived in Brazil, which is a good comparable and in modern-day has a similar size population but one of the worst property distributions on earth, since it was settled and developed differently. The Navy of Portugal that discovered, captured and conquered Brazil, divided it up amongst 26 top captains. These 26 massive sections of land were called Captaincies, then for the next several hundred years, any wealth that could be derived from that land would be shipped back to Portugal. Eventually Brazil would adopt the American model, as would almost every other democratic nation, no matter what language they spoke. 

They say you can’t take the Brazil property to Portugal, therefore the real asset is the land not the proceeds from it. That’s the same as America, when foreign investors buy the property in USA, they love it too because you bring your money but you cannot take away the actual land.

The other really interesting comparison, with Brazil, when I was living there the Real was pegged to the US dollar. This is a really important concept, since to this very day, many currencies are also pegged to the US Dollar, at least half of them, maybe more than half of them, some of currencies are strong enough to float on their own value. However, the Energy (Fuel) of the world is bought and sold (traded) with the US dollar, which is why it is the global reserve currency.

After the Bretton Woods agreement, following the second world war, Britain was bankrupt and the United States replaced the pound sterling as the global Reserve currency. To this day, most all Commodities are traded with US Dollars. All Commodities, not just oil, but oils the most important one.

Juan always tells us we’re in an energy War now, and energy is the most critical factor in developing a country and also in growing an economy. When you have high energy costs, you have lower productivity. Thriving economies are built on low cost energy and oil is the most readily available cheap fuel.

The u.s. dollar is the leading currency anyway, we look at for example the number of countries in the world where you can use US currency, or the local currency. Prices are in USD and local. Think of all the black markets of the world, there’s always a currency changer. Oftentimes currency is the black market. 

Global Currency Reset at the flip of a switch, to make them all at parity, would be impossible to do. All at once, for example, the Zim the Dong or the Dinar are equivalent to the US dollar? It would destroy the system of the Contract Law based system in the u.s. and bring down all global currencies at once, like a house of cards. This is what the evil cabal (WEF) strategy was to do and that is what they had been projecting, which explains why some people that evil plan into CBDB’s (central bank digital currencies).

We would see billionaires in Zimbabwe, who would come straight to America and convert into dollars and buy 50,000 acre ranches, jets, and limousines, living like Saudi Sheiks. All of a sudden we would have millions of new millionaires headed straight to the USA, it would totally destroy the very carefully developed financial infrastructure, built with Contract Law, over two and a half centuries.

In Contract Law, Brick by Brick, Street by Street and all throughout the world, properties have a valuation that’s been well established. Land was developed with infrastructure, the electricity, the roads, the sewers, how close you are to the city center (location, location, location etc…) to determine value to banks.

If we did a Global Currency Reset as some people imagined, the world would go into full blown Anarchy and no currency would be worth anything. Everyone would have to protect and defend themselves, their family and property, the best they could because everything would fail.

Yes, there will be a new Global Currency system in the future and we are in the process of a Reset now. Most importantly, we must see the end of the Federal Reserve Bank first. That’s one reason why Q says “Buckle up”, the bankers have no intention of letting go without a fight. The Federal Reserve Note was based on Fiat and Fiat means nothing other than a decree, that someone said it was worth something but backed by nothing.

America will return to God’s money, which is gold and silver. It’s been used throughout time all of the bankers of the world knew we would eventually return to Gold. The revaluation is and has been taking place, according to the 1988 Economist magazine it began in 2018. There schedule and plans were hijacked when Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 election, that’s when Trump and the Patriots intercepted the Global Currency Reset.

We just don’t see the forest because we’re in the trees, but obviously there have been changes taking place in global banking. The Swift system is coming to an end. It’s an archaic method and cost way too much. Just a few years ago we would send a wire transfer and then need to call the bank for confirm. Now with the blockchain and Crypto technology it is almost instant and costs a fraction of a wire transfer fee.

It is vitally important for the world to have a fair global currency reset and that would be to have a fair and open currency exchange system that could include cryptos and include energy. It could include gold and silver and it could be global, secure, zero risk and instant. Reset will benefit all of mankind. However, we have to develop the system incrementally once the USN (US Treasury Note) is completely in the economy and working correctly. Then, on the basis of Contract Law, re-valuate each and every other currency, one at a time.

That connects to the value of real property, and that real property needs to hold its value while everything else makes Settlement, that’s why they call it a peg. In Brazil, when they removed that peg the currency bounced and it was very dangerous, extremely volatile, a lot of foreign investment stopped coming into the country. It took some time until it was steady and found its value, then it has carried on successfully. It was a very scary time when they removed the peg from the US dollar in Brazil.

We must see America succeed first BUT if America goes down, we all go down and Phoenix rises from the ashes (as depicted by Economist magazine) with the NWO Digital shackle, then we are enslaved for ever and will own nothing and NOT be happy. That’s why I prefer to believe the best is yet to come! And trust the plan but “Buckle up” ~ Q


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