High-grade Hopium, Free Smoke, No Needles and No Withdrawal

Riding along the Pacific on my bicycle this morning, on a beautiful warm autumn day, clear blue skies, a light Breeze, almost no waves. Admiring the beauty of nature and in a state of bliss and WHAM all of a sudden it hit me, I am high on Hopium and I am a Hopium Dealer.

What triggered me was when I realized that, what’s really been bothering me lately, is the number of my friends from America, who have lost all hope in their country and they’re planning to leave or, they can’t wait to leave. Or in one case, he’s bearing down in a Mountain State, that’s known to Bear Down in. And yet he’s lost all hope in America, and is prepared for the worst. They all think I am fantastical and that I’ve been duped by crazy conspiracy theory. 

The reason I’ve been so excited about Red October. And I tried to say it in my last post, it’s the excitement of knowing that THIS is the Red October that Q promised for so long. There actually is a hunt on for a Russian Submarine and it’s obvious to anyone paying attention, that there is a huge Red Wave coming in the upcoming (3 weeks away) midterm elections.

“After today, make more sense? Buckle up, Q” That was two years ago yesterday. And the reason I called this post, High-grade Hopium, Free Smoke, No Needles and No Withdrawal is for the following reasons:

  • High-grade because the Documents (thedocuments.info) Substantiate the Law to support the fact that Military is in Control
  • Free Smoke because of all the Liars who’s pants are on fire in the mainstream media and the J6 Dumpster Fire
  • NO Needles because of the backlash happening against Pfizer and Big Pharm for Mass Death and Casualties
  • No Withdrawal because you can take from this hopium what you will, get high on some and discard the rest  

You know the expression where there’s smoke… there’s fire. Well, it’s pretty easy to name, about 20 stories in the mainstream news that have a lot of smoke coming off of them. And where there’s smoke. There’s fire

Some people didn’t believe in John Durham would prosecute because the MSM told us he was lost, now however, we learn that his prosecution is closing in rapidly, he’s got the FBI on his team, testifying that original creators of the Pee Pee Dossier (Russia, Russia, Russia lie) were working for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. This fire is about to become 4 alarm and out of control.

Testimony also exposes that the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million to prove dossier was legit. Everyone involved with igniting this massive fire, knew the entire story against Trump was pure fabrication. Early on in the trial, it became known that Danchenko had submitted an invoice to the DNC, that included the very thumb drive that was provided to the FBI, containing the evidence to frame-up Trump.

Dark black smoke billowing from FBI story, as they desperately attempt to slow the release of the Seth Rich laptop. There’s so much smoke coming off of that laptop, that puts the ribbon on this whole story. Meanwhile Hunter’s laptop is smouldering, as the Deep State attempt to put the fire out with a minor tax-evasion charge, even though the population base is coming to realize that Ukraine corrupt companies have been paying Hunter and the sons and daughters of other prominent deep staters, while the huge sums of taxpayer dollars being sent to the very same country for a war effort that has lost all support, even from the far left.

Then, the very notion that Joe Biden could walk around and be on camera saying, where’s Jackie? When in fact, Jackie had died in August in a terrible tragic car wreck. That footage came from inside the White House. Mistakes like that never happen, that was intentional. Joe Biden has his pants on fire but he’s brain-dead, don’t know what they’re trying to tell us, exactly but we all know there’s no such mistakes in politics at that level. Obviously a Red Wave is coming.

With regard to needles, there’s so much smoke coming from this story. The amount of people killed in the USA according to one expert, is at 20 million, from the jab. The number of people injured is in the tens of millions, we don’t even know for sure because the VARS system was so rigged and manipulated. To add insult to injury and more gas to the fire we learn that there was no Testing done by Pfizer, on whether or not the vaccinated would still transmit covid. Burning mad people are reminding us all that we were shamed into taking the jab to protect other people.

Recently, one of my friends returned from a trip to Nova Scotia and he said, he had to get two shots, just to travel. On his return flight to Vancouver, during a stopover in Toronto, he caught Covid anyway, despite being double-jabbed and in good health. My friend is so angry, and other people are also very angry. Mad too because it’s not just a conspiracy theory anymore.

So, I sell high grade hopium because I believe in Derick Johnson and what he’s saying about the Unified Code of Military, Justice (UCMJ), and Law of War (written by the Department of Defense), plus Maritime Law is enacted, and everything Q has revealed to us. It’s all there, written plain and simple so anyone can read it for themselves. The proof is there, I am not speaking Theory.

The problem is is that most people that I share the Documents with, won’t take the time to go and read, then cross-check the facts. One simple fact is easy to find out for yourself… the fact that Donald J. Trump is the Commander in Chief of the military, another is that he “out of a abundance of caution” called a National Emergency and TODAY the Military is still in control. 

Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing.

Back in March of 2020, when we first realized we’d been attacked with Covid and Fauci tried to say, not to worry, about closing the borders and Fauci said it’s safe for kids to travel on spring break that year and Trump said no close the borders. And he made a national emergency and he wrote executive orders and he signed a PEAD, which no one gets to know what’s inside a presidential executive Authority. Presidential Emergency Action Documents. Only a very limited number of PEADs are public knowledge, and only through secondary declassified documents that mention them.

President Trump put the wheels in motion to put the United States on a war footing, stating that they may already been attacked (by a virus), and he was correct. Then he locked down Cheyenne Mountain, inside of which, are the nuclear launch codes and capability. Under his command and order, they locked-down and remain locked down in a National Emergency that has not been called-off. So there’s your hopium! Nukes are NOT going to happen!

Withdrawal symptoms are non-existent from a false flag nuke to blame on Russia, so much chatter about it online and in the press, that we preempted it. Statistically speaking, very few if any false flag attacks have happened when too broad a population suspect them coming. Plus, Russia has been too even handed and always has teams of scientists and forensic experts on the scene of bombings, welcoming foreign press to report on the Russian investigations. Remember when Obama tried the false flag in Syria to blame Assad with Chemical weapons? Russian scientists were first on the crime scene to investigate, Obama admin dropped the ploy, as they couldn’t sell it.

High-grade Hopium is that there will be NO Kabooms that are nukes, we’ve preempted that False-flag threat BUT we are still in Red October. What needs to happen, is that an ice cold red wave splashes the Sheeple into broad-scale awareness of who owns the control of the U.S. nuke launch codes, and why? Unfortunately, we also need the markets to crash in order to end the Federal Reserve Bank and the EBS (emergency broadcast signal). Following an emergency declaration to shelter in place, remain in your homes notice, so that truth can be released via media that will be limited. Trust the plan! Where we go one, we go all.

The very first Q post came in October the 28th 2017, I believe this is human operated AI (artificial intelligence) system, or platform, installed on a Quantum computer. They use the AI to get the exact time stamps, to monitor the response and to predict various different outcomes. The AI is extremely valuable to the Q team, as it allows them to “game” out their options and calibrate the enemy response but the Q team, ultimately, make the decisions and manage the system. Q+, I believe is Donald Trump and if I’m right about any of what I’m saying, or even part of what I’m saying, then we are nearing the day of the greatest victory in human history.

We are really approaching the greatest time to be alive in human history. So we actually have a chance to overthrow the evil deep State cabal, who are currently in control of the world and leading us towards a nuclear war. The Deep State Cabal time is up, they will soon be arrested. So there’s your Opium… go ahead and put that Hopium in your U.S. Government issued crack-pipe and smoke it.

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