Checkmate on October 28th, Game Over

Game over, thank you for playing

The first Q post was 5 years ago, this 28th of October, the game began. I have been a believer that it’s a Military program, connected to a Manual called “Law of War”. Recently an Army Veteran with a Law degree came forward to explain in detail, how the Unified Military Code of Justice (UCMJ) and the Geneva Conventions are also connected to “Law of War” which was written in 2015 and revised after Trump took office in 2016. The Army Veteran’s name is Derek Johnson and he documented this evidence in as simple a format as possible, here:

Commander-in-Chief of the Military is Trump, therefore Joe Biden does NOT have the Nuclear Launch Codes,

President Trump “in an abundance of caution, that USA may have been attacked by a Virus”, locked-down Cheyenne Mountain on March 13, 2020. Inside Cheyenne Mountain are kept the Nuke Launch codes with United States Strategic Command, also home to NORAD and Space Force see:

Military take an oath to the Constitution of the US and they follow orders from the Commander-in-Chief, therein we find the glitch because Trump wrote Executive ORDERS and the Military followed the Orders but Congress did not (Derek Johnson explains this much better). When Trump declared a “National Emergency” it gave him powers to remain CiC until the threat was over.

Wikipedia is always a giveaway, since they are woke and far left, haters of Trump (like Matt Taibbi). If you read between the lines of the propaganda machine that is Wikipedia, you can learn by what is missing, not what is said – Neither Trump or Biden are mentioned. If Joe Biden was Commander-in-Chief of US Military he would be the largest photo with the largest write-up. Joe Biden’s name is not on the page, just old photos of BHO. It’s obvious to me and I doubt that Joe has ever set foot in the Pentagon, as there are 10 FACT Checks (including Reuters), that Joe Biden is not allowed to set foot inside the Pentagon.

Here’s another one, Q posted every October a Meme for “Hunt for Red October” and it never made sense until this year. Notice the date on the Meme from Q (below) it’s a Delta (10/14/2020) in the game.

Now I will explain why it makes sense: Russian Doomsday Sub Belgorod Spotted in the Arctic

Russian Doomsday Sub Belgorod

Doomsday because it has a weapon onboard that USA has no defense against, they invented a “shape charge” Nuke detonation for under the water, whereas all US Subs fire ballistic missiles that explode in the air or above ground. The Russian sub, largest ever built, causes a nuclear detonation on the seabed, and just as how the big waves in Hawaii are created, by water rising up rapidly by landfall, this bomb makes a wave a quarter mile high and 200 miles across, travelling at over 300 miles per hour.

The US Military have no defense against the Russian Doomsday bomb, and nothing to match it’s devastation. When the sub was last spotted it was headed into the deepest part of the Atlantic, from where it can not be easily tracked. On the eastern seaboard of United States it becomes a game-changer.

Of course the Red Wave pun has more than one meaning, especially when we look at what’s about to happen in the US mid-terms.

The best Intel comes from Juan O Savin, for 2 years, he’s been spot-on. Now he says Trump is about to be arrested and put on house-arrest, therefore Trump cut down all the tress and shrubs that were providing privacy to Mar-a-Lago, all along the walls, so that TV cameras could see right in the property.

Juan O Savin is a great Patriot of the USA, his book “Kid by the Side of the Road” is here –

You owe it to yourself to read the truth by Derek Johnson and you will understand.

I wish I were wrong about a few things but over time, it just turns out to be good solid intel, from honest people who are in the know.

Now, you understand Red October. Today is an important day and such an exciting day to be a queue Patriot. There was a Delta, which means opposed to Q post and a meme that was exactly on this date two years ago. And it refers to an earlier post and with the old concept of Hunt for Red October, and then it was dropped later on to just Red October, which I fully believe we’re in.

Now you understand why to “Buckle up”… and keep in mind that the very first Q Post was October 28th, 2017. So we are reaching a five-year Delta and it would also prove that on that day, it is game over because we fulfilled The purpose of the mission, to awaken the masses to 80+% So these are really exciting times to be alive, count your blessings because where we go one, we go all.

Game Over Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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