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Giorgia Meloni

The Storm Has Made Landfall

David Nino Rodriguez interviewed Juan O Savin (107), this was really important information and a date has been named. It’s the first time for Juan to be specific. Even though it’s for conversation only (total theory), he has no inside knowledge and only he’s chosen October 29th, as the date of the flip, or the […]

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Silicon Forest for Economic Summit

Silicon Forest was the perfect place to host an Economic Summit It’s an amazing thing that happened, I didn’t see coming but the end result is a new collaboration with a 8 year bimonthly meetup into an established website Silicon Forest Since 2012 a bi-monthly meetup for “appys and beer” has been held in Vancouver, […]

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Spice Island Cannabis Seed Bank

Stone Town Genetics, Spice Island Cannabis Seed Bank

Cannabis Industry experts from Canada are in a search of the next great strain by genetically breeding superior quality cannabis. A 12 acre organic farm was obtained and a collaboration began, between Zanzibar and Canada, to grow Cannabis on the Spice Island. This BUSINESS PLAN is to scientifically collect, cultivate, catalog and publish the genetic […]

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Hive Mind

Hive Blog Rocks the Blockchain

Hive Blog Rocks the Blockchain Today I feel like I did on the first day of learning the world wide web was completely next-level compared to Compuserve, AOL and Prodigy but for many reading this they may only vaguely recognize the mention of those first 3 online platforms. Back then AOL was much more engaging […]

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What I learned at WordCamp

What I learned at WordCamp

WordPress Rocks! and WordCamp is as much knowledge and information as can be consumed in a single day, when it comes to learning about WordPress and web publishing. What I learned at WordCamp was profound, that really it’s about the written word and spinning a yarn, then publishing it. The technology is now so incredible, […]

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WordCamp Vancouver 2019

Raincity WordCamp, Vancouver 2019

Did I say how much I love WordPress? And how excited I am to go to WordCamp? A web geek at heart and incredibly excited to go to this event, first time in my life I’m happy to go to a camp of any kind but today I was walking around the UBC campus (in […]

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Aweber and FormStack help keep our connection

Aweber and FormStack vs MailChimp and NinjaForms

Not so long ago it was good enough to use the “Contact form” built into WordPress since the beginning but a few instant problems arise mostly due to mailserver being separate from Apache or Linux web server software. Sending any amount of bulk email is always going to have bounce backs, there’s a rule-of-thumb in […]

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From tiny spark...

From a tiny spark…

From tiny spark… Today my story is all about the imagination and how to find that spark. found both of these two photos in the search term “bursting”. I’ve been so inspired lately and such incredible things have fallen into alignment, the circumstances of my life find me in the most amazing moment. Ignition! By […]

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Proof of Concept in a Mosaic of Numbers

How to Develop Proof of Concept

Before you can develop proof of concept you need to have a business plan, a dream, a passion, time money and ambition. It’s often compared to climbing Mt. Everest but I promise you it’s much harder and many more people have made the trek and everybody starts at the bottom. Over a decade ago I […]

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Maui rainbow with Palm Tree

Living the life of a Creator

Being a creator sounds so God-like, of course I want to be a creator. Ever since I first saw the Interwebs I wanted to create some and there only ever been one way to learn how. Then Youtube became the craze, now the norm and 7 years ago I embarked on video creation. This is […]

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