Living the life of a Creator

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Being a creator sounds so God-like, of course I want to be a creator. Ever since I first saw the Interwebs I wanted to create some and there only ever been one way to learn how. Then Youtube became the craze, now the norm and 7 years ago I embarked on video creation. This is my calling, I love it! Please consider making a contribution and Become a Patron!

A Course in Miracles, of which I am a student, suggests that teaching and learning are the same thing, plus that everyone has a ministry to manage, whether you want to look at it that way, or use that term, the point I’m making is that for me to help make the world a better place, I have to make myself better and bring my best. I overcame my apathy, now I want to create.

My writing has been getting more fluid and natural, I’m beginning to enjoy reading some of what I write. My objective with this blog was to write every day, no-matter how bad or boring because I can come back later (often do). The first key to writing is to write.

They teach that you should write what you know about, so I often talk about my past, which benefits in my own atonement, also an ACIM concept and the underlying truth in happiness is connected to forgiveness, therefore we can release self-grievances by confessing something in writing and then forgive yourself. Hope I don’t offend anyone with my candor but it’s all part of a process.

I’ve become very dedicate to spiritual practice and ask for my daily bread, which in a metaphorical manner was an awesome synchronicity today, that in a video I produced today, when I was closing the dialog remembered to mention that Great Britain had a new prime minister, whom I like, named Boris Johnson, or BoJo as we all know. Anyway, I said “congratulations, please lead us to the promised land (meaning Brexit) but those words came out of my mouth.

About an hour later I was reading a brilliant, formerly unpublished manuscript, actually the memoirs of Dr. Nicolas Kimaze and he made a statement that Lebanon is mentioned 71 times in the Bible and in modern history how desecrated it had been and then this wonderful bread crumb….

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Psalm 92:12 King James Version (KJV)

Living the life of a Creator, an online content creator, it’s not quite as heavenly as it sounds because it takes so long to learn how to do technical things and in order to get good we must first suck and someone like you has to endure our bad creation. The encouragement of someone reading and liking something is incredible and when someone becomes a patron it’s like you’ve won an Academy Award.

Today I became an official content creator at Patreon.

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Living the life of a Creator Photo credit: rhett maxwell on / CC BY


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