Massive Global Shortage of Conspiracy Theories

False narratives destroyed by facts and truth causing global shortage of Conspiracy Theories

Mainstream media experts blame Elon Musk for the damage to the paradigm that had taken years to program in the population. In some cases government agents and democrat leaders spent years and millions of dollars to develop these fake stories, which are the foundation of conspiracy theories.

Russia collusion is one such hoax that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Media outlets had spent valuable prime-time news slots to repeat “Russia, Russia, Russia” this hoax was destroyed in one day. Recent data indicates that Corporate media is losing audience and ad-revenue at an alarming pace.

#TwitterFiles Crushing the Censorship Movement

Senior executives at Bitchute and Rumble were reported to be holding emergency meetings to discuss the risk to their platforms. One anonymous insider source is quoted as saying “Twitter is disrupting the entire blogospere by allowing free speech”. Users will get their news and information from Twitter, if censorship is not brought back. We can’t compete and will go broke, it’s like a town-hall over there, he went on to say.

Department of Defense is condemning Robert F. Kennedy Jr for using the Patent database and sharing Patents that uncover Covid-19 origin. Open source is causing erosion to the de-population plans that have taken decades to develop, said one insider. The leaking of facts must be stopped, according to an anonymous Pentagon source.

Even the Zombie Apocalypse conspiracy theory is at risk of being exposed, as independent truth-seekers have located the patent that connects 5G to the nano-particles discovered in the vaccine. No amount of fake news is able to stem the flow of truth, the deep state is in panic mode.

Cracks found in Monumental Conspiracy Theories threaten to Drain the Swamp

Two major conspiracy theories that experts predict will not withstand the constant probing of pesky independent journalists. White House press secretary stated that remarks by President Biden that he vowed to “End” Nord Stream 2 pipeline” if Russia were to invade Ukraine, were taken out of context and what he actually said was unintelligible gibberish. Video and transcripts prove otherwise.

Another blockbuster conspiracy theory has Congress and Hollywood celebrities very concerned. The list of Ghislaine Maxwell clients is imminent. This information has been with-held at great expense, said one Rhino. Our constituents deserve to be deceived and for the masses to know about extortion in our private-lives is unconscionable, this is a breach in our freedom of religion.

Satanic child sacrifice is a very private and personal thing, that’s why we fly to private islands.

Shifty Adam Shift

Meanwhile, political pundits and late-night talk show hosts blame Trump. Just because he told us so, doesn’t mean he’s right. Said one late night comedian about Trump. Just look at Don Lemon from the most trusted name in news, he’s got his own morning show. Besides our jokes were only funny when we were winning.

Note: The above article is a parody and they weren’t sacrificing children on Epstein Island (were they?)


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