Trump Super Power is to Unite People

Trump has a unique Super Power to unite people

Most American’s will remember January 6, 2021 as the day of the fake insurrection but something else happened that day. The largest gathering of citizens in the history of the country.

All types of people showed-up, all creeds and colors, from all corners, to unite with the 45th President of United States of America. Best estimates are that two million people were present that day, setting a U.S record turnout.

Never before has a single event united so many media outlets, all working together to change the story, change the search engines and make it nearly impossible to find a transcript of the speech. Trump managed to unite the Deep State, Big Tech, Corporate Media, Law Enforcement and Government Agents all to collude against him.

Antifa would team-up with BLM in hatred of America

Nothing works like a good peaceful protest, with bricks, upside-down cars, broken glass and burning buildings to unite the youth. Once again all because of Donald J. Trump and media’s false narratives.

Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a very real disease which has united celebrities, pedophiles and corrupt politicians. TDS is so severe, that in some cases, some people vow leave the country if he’s elected again (but they won’t).

Stolen Elections Have Consequences

Mexican drug cartels united in his absence. Reports now come from California and even Montana that cartels have moved in from Mexico to set-up shop due to Trump’s absence.

Middle East Peace has gone unnoticed by mainstream media but the Abraham Accords introduced by Trump, have united a region of the world that was separated by hatred for decades. Predecessors, except Bush and Obama, tried to bring peace to the middle east but failed. Now Jews from Israel fly to Dubai and Arabs from UAE can be seen visiting the Mosque on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.

Any other President would have received a Nobel Peace Prize for the Abrahamic Peace Treaty but Trump was able to unite the Nobel committee against him too. Also the Pulitzer Prize committee, whom he suggested should rescind the prize for a story on Russian collusion, which was subsequently proven to be false (fake news), are united against Trump.

Corrupt Government Agents Unite Against Trump

Not just at the Fake Jan 6 insurrection, where FBI, DHS, CIA and others unite to open the massive magnetic doors on the capital building, open the barricades, open the inside doors and usher in the public. Great team-work as they were co-operating with news media and Nancy Pelosi’s documentary film crew, to make sure plenty of photo-ops were staged in the best light.

Best of all is Social Media, normally these giant corporations are seen as competitors but not to block the truth. Facebook and Twitter found ways to unite in blocking any truth that may harm the cause of socialism in America.

Trump managed to have all but one of the G7 world leaders unite against him. Sadly, Shinzo Abe was assassinated for supporting him. The 6 other world leaders, wished they were able to stop the man with this amazing super power. Some insiders said professional killers tried 14 times but the fearless U.S. leader dodged the bullet every time.

What Makes a Man Have Super Power

Leadership is his most outstanding quality, that’s why he has the super power to unite. That’s why he was able to build a real estate empire, hospitality business and even golf courses. Trump stands for something that “We the people” admire, ending corruption and returning to traditional American values.

More than one hundred million American’s have been united by Trump. Politicians from countries all over the world have been inspired and emboldened to follow his example. What is that example? Why does this super-power unite the freedom-loving and God-fearing? because he’s got balls of steel and will go up against even the most evil, corrupt swamp creature to take them down.

The day that two million American’s came to see Trump in Washington DC, was the day that we all knew, we are united. He says that we are the party of law and order. Therefore, we wait for our day and it will happen because the best is yet to come.

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