Tree Planter Tea Strategy

To endure one of the toughest jobs I ever had, which was to plant trees in British Columbia, the best tip I learned, was how to make what I now call “Tree Planter Tea”.

The reason BC tree planting is the toughest job is because of the environment that you live and work in, for weeks at a time is completely in the “bush”. The tea was the best tip is because it’s not easy to sustain energy when carrying heavy loads of trees, often plugs but mainly bare-root, up and across massive clear cuts, on the sides of mountains.

The terrain and weather conditions, especially if it’s coastal planting, drain the body of it’s vital strength. The high performance veterans in the industry, back my day, were a team of women that lived on the tea and paced themselves.

That gang of women, were the top professional tree planters. Their secret to success was to not burn out and the key to physical endurance is diet and lifestyle. The key to the diet was the tea, the reason I’m telling you this is because if you learn how to make this and drink it every day, on a regular basis, you will notice the difference.

Essentially the OG (original) recipe was lemons, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper and maple syrup and orange pekoe tea. My version kicks it up a notch by adding beet juice from boiling two full size beets cut into eight pieces, then simmer for an hour to make the juice. Also, steep a full pot of high-quality black tea from China, using a tea ball.

When incorporating all the ingredients, it’s important to simmer for long enough that the cinnamon sticks release flavour. Then balance the cayenne pepper and maple syrup to taste.


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