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The Sign

The Sign We’ve Been Looking For

Could this be from the hand of God? A signature? On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, United States, and Canada. During this eclipse, the moon will pass in front of the sun, causing the sun to be blocked entirely and creating a period of total darkness. […]

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Trump truth about Arizona

Only the Truth will Set us Free

Arizona Trump Truth and Cognitive Dissonance Such an astonishing time to be alive, always sounds cliche to say, how great this time is. The Great Awakening!  We can’t really see all the truth yet, it’s the forest for the trees syndrome. We’re so embedded in the moments of this historic unveiling, that we will only […]

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Constitution of United States

Trump is Trolling the Fake News

Constitution of the United States is the Bait Donald J. Trump is a grand-master of trolling, he does it so well that even seasoned veterans for Fake News, don’t know when they’ve been hooked, by his sharp wit. To know your enemy is key in defeating them and knowing how they are going to react, […]

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The Deep State Clown Show

The Deep State Clown Show is in town, to entertain and enthrall us all. Led by a former comedian called Zelensky, also known as the coke-head of Kyiv. This week he takes his act to New York City, to team up with the first class con-man named Sam. The stand-up act is slated to charm […]

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star-spangled banner

J6 Patriots Prayer Vigil Goes Global

Pray for the J6 Patriots everyday at 6 PM EST America is in peril and the unfortunate people arrested on January 6th, 2021, known as the J6 Patriots are in solitary confinement, in one of the worst detention centres in the U.S. Every evening at 6 PM they sing the Star-Spangled Banner and then hold a […]

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Gratitude is an Attitude

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada, with Gratitude  Everyday I feel blessed and give thanks to God for living in the Pacific Northwest. Today is October 10th and it’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, and it feels like summer by the sea. Temperatures are warm, blue skies, calm weather and beautiful sunshine. Such a blessing. I never […]

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Girl in a Wetsuit statue, Stanley Park

Girl in a Wetsuit

Girl in a Wetsuit Girl in a Wetsuit is a life-size 1972 bronze sculpture by Elek Imredy of a woman in a wetsuit, located on a rock in the water along the north side of Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Every day, rain or shine, I stop my bicycle on the 10 km ride […]

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Vancouver at night

Vancouver Economic Summit celebrates 10 Years in 2022

Steamworks Welcomes the Economic Summit Steamworks Brew Pub is the venue for Vancouver Economic Summit April 12, 2022 – 5:30 Happy Hour – Open Debate Vancouver Economic Summit celebrates 10 Years in 2022 and now that Corona mandate restrictions have been removed in British Columbia, we are returning to Steamworks Brew Pub at 375 Water […]

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House of Parliament, London, Great Britain

Why I love Great Britain by Jordan Peterson

The freedoms Britain granted the world are the most precious gift of all. We must preserve them – an important message from Jordan Peterson Jordan Peterson: In early December 2021 asked by a major British newspaper to write some words reflecting on my recent two-week visit to the UK. I had been invited, then disinvited, […]

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Wild Coyote

Wild Coyotes of Vancouver

Wild Coyotes co-exist with humans and share a one thousand acre natural habitat. A couple of nights ago I went to see Bikini Beach in Stanley Park, on the edge of the city of Vancouver. I like to walk the sand on low tide and witness the changes made recently by powerful winter storms. It […]

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