The Deep State Clown Show

The Deep State Clown Show is in town, to entertain and enthrall us all. Led by a former comedian called Zelensky, also known as the coke-head of Kyiv. This week he takes his act to New York City, to team up with the first class con-man named Sam. The stand-up act is slated to charm the Deep State minions, with their song and dance routine.

Every shill gets in on the act, as they white-wash America.

It takes a special kind of stupid to believe the story being spun by corporate media, Fake News. Even to think that Zelensky has been in Ukraine since the Russian incursion started, requires low or no discernment. The power of broadcast television networks clearly has the upper hand in deceptive propaganda. People are still buying into the idea that Russia is bad and Ukraine needs to be saved. Perhaps the troupe of Hollywood actors making the photo-shoots in Poland have helped to sell the lie.

Once upon a time we had war correspondents that would report from the front, now we have professional actors and loser politicians, staging photo-ops instead. Had it never occurred to the viewing audience, that Russia controls the airspace over all of Ukraine? Are we supposed to believe that 41 Bio-labs, funded by the Pentagon, are there for humanitarian purposes? Does anyone care that all the Minsk Agreements were broken?

The Minsk agreements were a series of international agreements which sought to end the Donbas war fought between armed Russian separatist groups and Armed Forces of Ukraine, with Russian regular forces playing a central part.


Ukraine on Fire Provides the True Backstory

Apparently what we’re dealing with, is a lack of historical context. For anyone to believe that Putin awoke one day and thought; let’s invade the neighbour and rebuild the USSR, is just not giving any thought to how this dispute began. First, oddly, Ukraine has never bothered to define it’s borders but Russia let that drag on, they sold off all the hard assets, or some would say “looted” and again Russia let that happen but the application to join NATO was strictly forbidden in the Minsk Agreements.

Ukraine on Fire is a documentary film directed by Igor Lopatonok and premiered at the 2016 Taormina Film Fest. It features Oliver Stone, the executive producer, interviewing figures surrounding the 2014 Ukrainian revolution such as Viktor Yanukovich and Vladimir Putin. The central thesis of the film is that the events that led to the flight of Yanukovych in February 2014 were a coup d’état led by the USA with the help of far-right Ukrainian factions.


Oliver Stone deserves to be heard on this matter, since the future of the world is at stake. So before you, or anyone you know, buys into the Deep State Clown show, they should at least take 90 minutes and expand their understanding of the facts.

He’s not trying to make money from producing a sensational action drama, or pretending to make Putin out as a hero. Oliver Stone is honest and credible, without a political axe to grind. Also, he had no crystal ball to foresee the future in 2014 but his own investigation, led him to spend his own time/money, for the benefit of humanity. He knew that the Maidan Massacre could be the stage set for global nuclear annihilation.

The forces of evil are so ubiquitous online, they want to control the narrative, despite whatever the truth may be. On Wikipedia, (another Deep State asset), they change the title of Maidan Massacre to The Revolution of Dignity. You can call it whatever you want, however to think that George Soros, U.S. State Department and Deep State was not involved is laughably ignorant.

Open Society Institute and George Soros

The Open Society Institute will give $100 million to help communities in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union hardest hit by the global economic downturn. The Open Society Press release from June 17, 2009

“I believe it is the duty of those who have the means to step in to help,” said Open Society Institute chair George Soros. “My foundation has a long commitment to the region. I wanted to do what I can, although I know it cannot alleviate the suffering.”

George Soros has helped no-one but himself and his cronies, we all know this was not his first revolution. Now the country with great potential to become a European powerhouse, is in ruins and has more suffering than anyone could imagine. Should we believe it was just another accident? At what point do we call a spade a spade?

Remember the human cost of this deception, as you watch the Deep State Clown show perform this week in New York City.

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