Only the Truth will Set us Free

Arizona Trump Truth and Cognitive Dissonance

Such an astonishing time to be alive, always sounds cliche to say, how great this time is. The Great Awakening!  We can’t really see all the truth yet, it’s the forest for the trees syndrome. We’re so embedded in the moments of this historic unveiling, that we will only clearly see the big picture, when we look back on these times. 

The accelerated awakening that has happened, and is happening uncovers allot of material. I spend more time processing information these days, than producing content because of constantly being blown-away by new Revelations. It’s not just one topic or one myth busted, it’s often a string of them and a very broad range of subjects. The dots are connecting and conspiracy theory turns to fact, again and again.

I once read that in the former Soviet Union, they discovered (after the fact), that it wasn’t a good idea to limit scientists access to information. What was happening evidently is that in some fields of study, you would only be allowed access to certain information, but not other information and everything became more and more compartmentalized and guarded.  These restrictions held back discovery, as one set of information isn’t always associated to another, to make a breakthrough. 

We kindle the fire of our own awakening. Collectively, what we realize now, is that the true history of planet Earth has been completely obscured and history itself was invented. To hide the truth. Most of the evidence has been there all along, right in front of us. The pyramids is the best example, of an entire field of academic study, that has been feeding us fake science. 

NATO Founders

In the beginning of our big-deception, we were so innocent. After World War II the Operation Paperclip plan installed Nazi scientists in every facet of U.S. research and into key university positions, meanwhile the infamous CIA was conceived and created, then to add insult to injury… they even founded NATO.  Yes, NATO was created by former Nazi Generals. 

Project Paperclip Team at Fort Bliss.jpg
By This image or video was catalogued by one of the centers of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under Photo ID: [;?id=MSFC-8915531 NIX MSFC-8915531] and Alternate ID: [ MIX 840]., Public Domain, Link

As we begin to understand that in strategic ways, Germany won the second world war. With genius propaganda they created an illusion. Just like the magician that saws the woman in half, while the audience watches the saw and the box the girl goes to Neuschwabenland, as she waves from Argentina to show-off her trick.

Antarctica and New Swabia

Admiral Byrd told us, most of us know now.  It’s been a very well guarded secret BUT it’s not just that slight-of-hand, there’s so much more. So much has been hidden from us that we don’t even know, what we don’t know. 

More truth will be revealed 

It takes a certain amount of processing. And to me, I feel, that’s what stage were at now. The Great Awakening has now awakened over 80+% to the fact that a war for the world is taking place now. What the #TwitterFiles drops did, and Elon Musk when he took over Twitter, was to rapidly accelerate the exposure of corporate media and put an end to many conspiracy theories, proving them to be True, one after another. 

A lot of people feel very confused by what is happening. Some had a short victory but get no joy from winning. Everyone is learning that there was a massive crime involved in the 2020 election and then again at the mid-terms. Some people are learning that to ignore it and to pretend that it didn’t happen, causes anxiety. 

Lies disturb happiness and destroy peace of mind. To be complicit in the denial of the crimes against America causes anxiety and cognitive dissonance.

My friends in Tucson Arizona, live near the border with Mexico. They won’t admit that the Arizona Governor election was stolen. Yet they know it wasn’t an accident what happened on election day. So what is happening to them, is that they are aggravated all the time and don’t know why. They never want to hear about Katie Hobbs stealing the election, they want it all forgotten and to go away. Let it be stolen and get on with life.

The fact of the matter is, the southern border is open and horrific crimes against women and children are taking place. Day and night the state of Arizona is being invaded by undesirable aliens. People living in Arizona can’t ignore the fact that something is broken. Everyone is forced to look at the proof that the election was stolen. They can’t ignore the fact that the government is not serving them fairly, there’s no point in holding another election until the problem is solved.

Something is very wrong in Arizona and across America. What we see in many people is severe chronic Trump derangement syndrome (TDS). Citizens with such a disdain for Trump, like my friends in Arizona, that they couldn’t stand Kari Lake. They didn’t care how Katie Hobbs stole Arizona because they couldn’t stand Kari Lake, since it reminded them of Donald Trump. They would rather see Arizona burn to the ground, then be rescued and laws enforced to protect it.

Subsequently, it causes internal psychological conflict to allow the open border. Our brains know the truth. You can lie to everyone else just as much as you want but you can’t lie to yourself. Everyone in Arizona knows the election was stolen.

When the ballot counting machines were turned off in Maricopa County, it was so that Katie Hobbs could steal the election. You can all have it, if you want it that bad but the truth will ultimately set us free.

The wheels of Justice are grinding forward and it’s causing incredible anxiety. The 2020 election is not over yet and heavy anxiety is well deserved for anyone thinking they got away with it. The thefts will be corrected, America is a nation of law. Law and order will be restored, too bad about your TDS.

It’s a painful process for those that steal elections and sad to watch the gradual realization of the people who hate Trump, that he will always fight, with all his might, to save America. Buckle-up buttercup!


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