Faith that God Loves You


Know that God is in your life, that is faith. Know that it’s not an accident that you are here now. Monitor your thoughts to control the outcome of your life. Have faith that God loves you.

If you buy a lottery ticket, it’s not faith that wins, that’s wishing. Wishing and faith are related by thought and action. It’s one thing to hope and wish to win a lottery but entirely another to think that it’s the will of God. Miracles happen for everyone and often but they are mostly unrecognized, as proof that God exists. We can’t see the big picture, since we’re a pixel in it.

Why Faith Matters

Truth is being revealed in the Age of Aquarius, it’s not always what we were prepared to learn. The foundation of our world is beginning to show cracks because many of our beliefs were not what we thought. We can see now that many of our leaders are corrupt and even the largest religious institutions, which had long been the experts in faith, have been deceiving us.

The Bible has been the most important source of faith-based information and in recent times we learn that many words and terms have been translated incorrectly. For example the word “Elohim” which is found in the Hebrew Bible over 2,500 times has more than one meaning. Scholars also admit that many books were eliminated from the early Bible, then we learn that some relevance was lost.

In Hebrew the word elohim or ‘elohiym is a grammatically plural noun for “gods” or “deities”. Jesus’ name in Hebrew was “Yeshua” which translates to English as Joshua. Truth is being revealed.

Every day new artifacts are discovered, that provide further evidence that other civilizations existed on earth, before ours. Every day more evidence emerges that Romans and other conquerors have altered or obfuscated our true history.

God is Love

Yeshua, Joshua or Jesus provided Knowledge of Faith

Believing and knowing are two different things. You may believe in God but know that if you diligently audit your thoughts, you will know that there’s a voice in your mind. You can attempt to stop this voice but you’ll never be able to ignore it. This explains why so many hardened criminals find God when they are on death-row.

If you were locked in a cell all alone and forced to listen, you would know that someone is with you. If you started to bang your head on the wall, to get rid of the voice, it would just tell you to stop doing that. Given enough time, you would know that God loves you and the Kingdom of heaven is within.

Love God and your neighbour

This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (Matthew 22:37–39). When you replace hate with love, and anger with kindness, you’ll feel closer to God and notice more peace in your life.

There’s nothing wrong with wishing to win the lottery but that’s not faith, it’s just praying for a miracle. Faith is knowing that God is within you, that you can hear his voice, he answers you and thy will of God will be done. Once you obtain this simple type of faith, you can leave your troubles at the foot of the cross.

Trust in God with all your heart, love thy neighbour as thyself and you will have faith.



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