There is No Surrender for a Digital Soldier

Defeat is not an option, there’s no surrender in the war against the forces of darkness

We are living in the greatest time to be alive, during the greatest wealth transfer in human history. We the people are taking our planet back, with you as digital soldier, the tide has turned in favour of the children of light. Truth is breaking down the walls of resistance, exposing massive cracks (i.e. corruption) in the foundations of government. A critical point is at hand, where the light of truth must breakthrough, before the walls of deception, entrap us all forever.

Truth is our salvation, as a species. Human Rights matter now more than ever. If one person is consuming Adrenochrome then another person is in bondage, without any human rights.

Crimes against Children will unite humanity!

We have a duty to investigate the allegations, not with vengeance in our heart but compassion and determination. The truth may be not as bad as we thought, or there’s full-scale industrial operations of human smuggling. According to the International Labor Organization the business of human trafficking globally generates an estimated $150 billion in profits annually.

As a Digital Soldier it is our responsibility to inform people if children are being harmed. We are not free to carry-on our lives and ignore this issue. If there were evil things happening on Epstein Island, then we need to know about it…. every detail. Just because a topic is distasteful doesn’t mean that it can be avoided. Maybe it’s all blown out of proportion, or maybe it’s worse, we need to know.

Crimes against God will unite humanity!

In God we trust, it says on the money. Now it’s time to prove if God can trust us, to do the right thing. How can we have a nation represent freedom and liberty while one person is in bondage to provide life-force to another person? Not to mention what Jesus Christ told us about harming “these little ones”

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Matthew 18:6

Truth is Setting us Free

There are better things to do in life, then posting content about Child Trafficking on social networks and blogging about it. No-one really wants to get involved, mostly because it’s become so wide-spread but deep underground. It was two years ago since John Paul Rice, the producer of “Hunger Games,” used his fame to warn the world this was happening. This issue got total exposure then, yet it’s gotten worse now, not better.

There is No Surrender for a Digital Soldier because if we don’t do something to raise awareness of these crimes, it will continue to grow larger and corrupt everything in it’s path until it negatively affects every single person, whether they paid any attention or not. However, once you know the facts and take action by the appropriate means, then the sooner we can get back to re-building our world and celebrating our re-capture of everything on it.

Disrupt Human Trafficking Mission


The human trafficking industry generates $150 billion a year for criminal organizations across the globe. This can no longer go uninterrupted.

Our mission is to identify and expose human trafficking rings domestically and internationally while working with law enforcement agencies to hunt down, disrupt, and dismantle the practice of human trafficking.

We do so by implementing Intelligence gathering techniques currently used by the Intelligence community and planning extraction operations.

Take Action with Disrupt Human Trafficking – Read the Reports

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