U.S. Debt Clock Conductor

Trump Train Conductor

Control the Money Supply, Control the World

All wars are bankers wars, as the saying goes, was never so true. The Principalities of Power are at war, over who controls the money supply. Since the day the U.S. National Debt surpassed thirty three trillion, it’s been a run away train. Out of control interest on the debt, was made worse by the rate at which new money was injected into the global financial system.

Everyone knows what happens when a pyramid scheme collapses… this story is about the symbols and signals used by the U.S. Debt Clock Conductor. The data feeds into the debt clock are a marvel of modern day web programming. The defense of the domain is daunting, even to imagine. Only a military grade Cyber threat team could keep that website online, for what it represents, it will be under constant attack.


Cyber attacks are at an all time high across the world. And according to Ingersoll Lockwood the site that made Digital Soldiers aware of the U.S. Debt Clock, their website says; – Site status:  OPERATIONAL, CURRENTLY UNDER ATTACK. This would suggest that the Conductor of the U.S. Debt Clock is a White Hat Operation, working for the Treasury Department.

The founders of America created a new promised land, on a simple Biblical principle; “In God We Trust”. It’s embossed on the money. Who controls the money in the U.S. controls the standard by which other Nations measure their money.

According to the U.S. Debt Clock there’s new money coming in 2025, already over one and a half trillion dollars of this new money has been accrued and growing rapidly.

Who Controls the US Debt Clock and Why Does it Matter

It’s a mystery who controls the Clock but no mystery why it matters. Truth matters! The main theme to the secret images is Truth, that America was founded as a Christian republic. It was that all men are created equal, that’s what attracts the multitudes. Everyone wants freedom to pursue happiness.

The war for the world was about who controls the money, after the reset. Everyone knows the thirty three trillion can’t be repaid and everyone knows that it can’t be sustained. Most experts agree that the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) has run it’s course and BRICS is better for trade between nations. However, the U.S. dollar is still the most powerful money in the world.

U.S. Debt Clock

U.S. Bonds anchor the balance sheet of every bank in the top 100. Countries like Brazil own almost a half a trillion dollars of U.S. Debt and China has ten times more, they don’t want to dump it, for fear of the consequence. Meanwhile, the entire banking and financial systems have undergone a transformation that was complete end of 2023. Swift system was never swift and has now been replaced.

The Quantum Financial System is decentralized, therein lies the reason for the war. New money will not be lent into creation, rather it will be spent into circulation. The new money is non-interest bearing and backed by American assets, energy and productivity. Fractional Reserve Banking is now extinct, in the way we knew it. The age of scarcity has ended, we have new money, that we can trust in God for.

Quantum computers could easily protect the U.S. Debt Clock, otherwise it would be offline every day. Space Force specialize in Cyber threats, so it makes perfect sense that Space Force are involved in the operation of the U.S. Debt Clock. After-all, we’re in a war of information, control of the money is the virtual high ground. The U.S. Treasury, is the single most important conductor.

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