The Year of the Whistle-blower

Karma’s a BITCH in the year of the whistle-blower. The year 2023 will be too much whistle-blower truth, flooding the zone, from every possible conspiracy theory. All the corruption and all the evil deeds will be exposed, one after another and all at the same time. It’s an easy comparison to water and a dam, […]

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Cosmic Rabbit Hole

Cosmic Rabbit Hole

Cosmic Rabbit Hole All rabbit holes lead to one gigantic Cosmic Rabbit Hole käz-mi-kəl. : of or relating to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone. cosmic radiation. : of, relating to, or concerned with abstract spiritual or metaphysical (see metaphysical sense 2) ideas. Merriam-Webster Cosmic and yet… […]

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Uncle Sam wants you to write to SCOTUS

Uncle Sam Wants You to Write SCOTUS

Letter to the Supreme Court of United States Is the pen mightier than the sword? Only if millions of American’s take action to write two letters. One to the Supreme Court of United States (SCOTUS) RE: Brunson v. Alma S. Adams et al No.: 22-380, the other is a letter to Loy & Raland Brunson, […]

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Rastafari Lion I Am

To the Rescue, Here I Am

I am Rastafari, here’s why I am, what I am Bob Marley influenced me to think deeply about who “I Am”, it is the only way to find Jah. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. One love is peace and I am here to tell you that Rastafari is the largest “Self Organizing Collective” […]

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Trump Stand

Operation Warp Speed Worked Wonders for USA

I am often asked about Operation Warp Speed and why Trump promotes the Jab. My first response is to look what a man does, not what he says. He pulled his mask off with a flourish, after recovering from CV19 himself, within 48 hours. Much of Trump’s nuance was lost on the masses because LameStream […]

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Constitution of United States

Trump is Trolling the Fake News

Constitution of the United States is the Bait Donald J. Trump is a grand-master of trolling, he does it so well that even seasoned veterans for Fake News, don’t know when they’ve been hooked, by his sharp wit. To know your enemy is key in defeating them and knowing how they are going to react, […]

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Ascension Guide to Enlightenment

Ascension is happening, with or without you. The great awakening is more than a slogan and mankind has already passed the point of no return. Collectively, we are ascending towards total enlightenment and nothing can stop us. Sure, there are those who wish to enslave us and many who fell for the idea. Two thirds […]

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Q In it together

Most Critical Q Drop Decoded

I am not here to provide the history of Q, or even convince you of it’s significance. You undoubtedly have heard about Q and may have been programmed to believe it’s meaningless. Time will tell and history will define it, for those who never thought to contemplate the purpose. Maybe you looked into Q and […]

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The Deep State Clown Show

The Deep State Clown Show is in town, to entertain and enthrall us all. Led by a former comedian called Zelensky, also known as the coke-head of Kyiv. This week he takes his act to New York City, to team up with the first class con-man named Sam. The stand-up act is slated to charm […]

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George Returns

The Triumphant Return of George Magazine

George Magazine Returns Triumphantly, Declaring the Return of Trump A monumental moment in history has arrived and the masses are so distracted and asleep, that many have completely overlooked. George Magazine coming back with George Volume 1 – 2.0 Issue 1 and prominently displays Trump as Paul Revere, holding #17 lamp. The tagline “Gene Ho […]

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