Light body

Juan O Savin Quantum Healing Technique for Blood

Juan O Savin Healing Technique for Nano Razor Blades in the Blood came to me in the most mysterious way. I was thinking about the clues he had given in the recent interview with David Nino Rodriguez, some very specific places to look. In my living room I always leave the Bible open to John […]

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Conspiracy theory

Things I Learned from Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory is where all social knowledge comes from. Ideas begin as a theory and often become fact. There are so many of them that collectively they out-stack science history in their volumes. Obviously the term conspiracy theory is vague, that’s what made it stick as an insult. Like the very notion that we should […]

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Wild Coyote

Wild Coyotes of Vancouver

Wild Coyotes co-exist with humans and share a one thousand acre natural habitat. A couple of nights ago I went to see Bikini Beach in Stanley Park, on the edge of the city of Vancouver. I like to walk the sand on low tide and witness the changes made recently by powerful winter storms. It […]

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God Made Beer so People Could Party

God made Beer so ugly people would get laid, is how the original slogan goes. That is the most politically incorrect thing I have ever written here and may, or may not be true. I think God made beer so we could enjoy his spirit together, in joy. Fermentation is part of the story of […]

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Financial movement must STOP for the RESET

ALL Financial movement must STOP for the RESET They are trying to roll this out in a way that makes it look like it is a natural response to a natural pandemic So it is coming out in waves and In “suspending payment” “extending deadlines” etc Scare event necessary – The world stops temporarily and […]

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Lin Wood and DJT

#FightBack and Defending the Republic #Winning

Remember; “where’s Joey Bribes?” – February ‎4, ‎2021 I am writing in support of Lin Wood, he is on high legal and moral ground. I am also an ardent supporter of Sydney Powell and have built Silicon Forest (website) to help promote Defending the Republic. Every day I read commentary from both Lin and Sydney. […]

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17 is the letter Q in the alphabet

What does number 17 represent, why the letter Q? In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.” God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when he began to flood the earth through rain on the 17th of the second Hebrew month. Noah’s ark and its eight passengers rested on the […]

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Blood of the Lamb

War for the Blood of the Lamb

“Stop the Steal” is the Signal in the War for the Blood of the Lamb, everything else is noise Maricopa County, Arizona, full forensic audit proves, we must audit every county in America The will of the people must prevail and justice will be preserved, otherwise the rule of law is dead. What was stolen […]

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IceBanc idea

Ice Banc to Make Earth Great Again

The Ice Banc Idea To be our brothers brother, not our brothers keeper, we must design a better business model The bread of life is brotherly love. We need an online system to empower people to help their fellow man. A simple online collaboration platform that shares the global wealth, by connecting rich and poor […]

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