The Deep State Clown Show

The Deep State Clown Show is in town, to entertain and enthrall us all. Led by a former comedian called Zelensky, also known as the coke-head of Kyiv. This week he takes his act to New York City, to team up with the first class con-man named Sam. The stand-up act is slated to charm […]

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George Returns

The Triumphant Return of George Magazine

George Magazine Returns Triumphantly, Declaring the Return of Trump A monumental moment in history has arrived and the masses are so distracted and asleep, that many have completely overlooked. George Magazine coming back with George Volume 1 – 2.0 Issue 1 and prominently displays Trump as Paul Revere, holding #17 lamp. The tagline “Gene Ho […]

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Sun Gazing

The Ancient Practice of Sun Gazing

By Andreas Moritz Sun energy is the source that powers the brain. It enters the body through the elements of air, water, fire, and earth. Sunlight enters and leaves the human body most easily and directly through the human eye, provided it isn’t filtered out by colored lenses. The eyes are the grand portals through which […]

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Military is the only way

Digital Soldier Perspective on the InfoWar

Now that I’ve had time to digest and reflect on the announcement by President Trump, I am all the more convinced that he is the Commander-in-Chief of the worlds largest, most complex, coordinated, military operation in history. Many confirmations have come, from many fellow Patriots. All of us share the same view of this InfoWar, […]

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Trump Tigers

When the Going Gets Tough

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get their House in Order My mind is captivated by events of the world and recently I am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. The Special Announcement by President Trump from Mar-A-Lago last night had me bouncing of the walls, happy. The much anticipated speech of Donald Trump […]

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Juan O Savin reading Kid by the Side of the Road

Kid on the Side of the Light

He doesn’t want us to know (yet), who he is, but he wants you to deeply understand what he’s saying. Kid by the Side of the Road (the book) written by Juan O Savin, I predict will eventually overtake “The Betty Crocker cookbook” as the number two, best seller and most popular book in the world. […]

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rigged election

American Election System is Rigged, FACTCHECK it

The world was witness to the most obviously rigged election ever staged. The November 8th U.S. midterm elections were corrupt from the start, the cheating so blatant and premeditated that everyone watching said; well, here we go again, people gonna do what people do. The American Election System is Rigged FACTCHECK it yourself Industrial scale […]

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Full blood moon over America on election night

On the Eve of the Full Blood Moon

How the US election is Hung, on the full blood moon, of November 8th, 2022 All eyes in the world are on America on this full blood moon, could there be more suspense? How about an election sting operation and a hung election? Buckle-up…. Tomorrow is the most important election in the history of mankind, […]

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smartest genius

The smartest people made the dumbest choices

I never wanted to speak badly of my friends, colleagues and associates, that are now suffering for taking the vaccine. However, I am glad to be banished from Facebook and LinkedIn, so that I don’t need to be the reminder that “I told you so”. Believe me, there’s no joy in being right about this horrific […]

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For the love of God

For the Love of God

We’ve arrived at that moment in history, where we stand on the precipice of the abyss into hell. The 101st Airborne, a division of the U.S. Military has arrived in Romania on the border of the Ukraine. So, U.S. Military has put boots on the ground, no-longer fighting a proxy war and some people think […]

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