Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping with Xmind

In the past I have not always given credit to the software and tools that I use to make content. In business development we learn early-on the importance of Mind Mapping. Today I decided to promote Xmind and thank them for a superb tool. Xmind was not the first mind mapping tool I used, as […]

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Let it Be and Cosmo’s Factory

Beatles Let it Be by the Beatles was the first album I ever bought. Back in 1970 the cassette tape was all the rage. I will never forget the experience, it was before a long car journey with my family. I bought two albums and actually think it’s fair to call them albums because they […]

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bottomless pit

How to Escape from the Bottomless Pit

A wretch like me wakes up one day and knows he’s a wretch, not only that but wrecked and lost. My hand was made strong, by the hand of the almighty. I found a way out of the bottomless pit and lived to tell others. This Bottomless Pit Exit Strategy really works. Brazil gave me […]

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Quercus suber, commonly called the cork oak

California Cork Oak and the Grapes of Wrath

Juan O Savin has charmed us again with some wisdom from the ages. The California Cork Oak was the setting for a true story of the grapes of wrath. When we left off with Juan he had been using a Red Sea Moment in ancient history, as an analogy for our present day situation. The […]

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Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 Coupe

The Dream Car Challenge

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 Coupe There was a lot of reasons why the “Car” category was added to this blog. One reason is my love of design and style, everyone has their own taste but all have a “Dream Car”. For some it’s because of where it can take them, for some it’s how […]

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Quantum Activates The Global Reset

This morning I was so impressed by a report about the impending Global Reset, that I decided to post the report here (see below). Another item is that in my last video I mentioned that the Q planners were using 2 calendars, the Gregorian and the Julian and that they likely have a code, perhaps […]

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Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face

Basilique Sainte-Thérèse de Lisieux Silly me to think Mother Theresa and Saint Therese were one and the same person, when in fact Mother Theresa chose the name because of Saint Therese. Recently I saw a video titled; How to Live “The Little Way” (of St Therese of Lisieux) and now I am inspired by what […]

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Banksy in Boston: F̶O̶L̶L̶O̶W̶ ̶Y̶O̶U̶R̶ ̶D̶R̶E̶A̶M̶S̶ CANCELLED, Essex St, Chinatown, Boston

The “I AM” Project

I AM the project is now how it is. An opportunity to work on some repairs at home, me. I want to raise my volume and improve harmony. My desire is to want less and give more, therefore I plan to change the way I was thinking and make an new improved I AM. Recently […]

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Tree Planter Tea

Tree Planter Tea Strategy

To endure one of the toughest jobs I ever had, which was to plant trees in British Columbia, the best tip I learned, was how to make what I now call “Tree Planter Tea”. The reason BC tree planting is the toughest job is because of the environment that you live and work in, for […]

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An illustration of the Spanish establishment at Yuquot at the time of Quadra and Vancouver’s visit in 1792.

Yuquat: Nootka Crisis

John Webber‘s Ship Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, c. 1788 In a race with other European nation states to establish colonies, since the 1490s Spain had claimed sovereignty over the Pacific coast of North and South America. The Spanish developed an empire that by the 16th century included much of South America, Central America and Mexico. […]

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