Trump Tango Dances over Deep State

Trump tango

Trump Tango incites severe TDS, stop reading now if you suffer from truth. Trump is not corrupt, crooked or compromised. He was invited to run for POTUS and may have signed an agreement, to follow the plan provided by Q. We are watching a movie, Trump acts Travolta and he’s dancing like a champion.

Broaden your thinking to consider quantum computer assisted “game theory” using AI, where the Q Team have programmed the system to play the Illuminati game. Machine learning has mastered every step, knows every move and has best counter-moves listed by probability of success. Trump’s Tango is designed to put the opponent on the wrong foot.

Sun Tzu Art of War is to be unpredictable, to constantly take the step to control the speed of the dance. The best example, was the disruption of 2016. When HRC was not elected that stepped on the toe of the 2018 global currency plan. The cover of the Economist Magazine was the arrogance of the Deep State to boast their prowess. This massive misstep was the harbinger of stumbles to come.

Trump Tango is about winning hearts and minds

What if Trump always knew that 2020 would be stolen? What if the plan was to surrender the dance floor to the Deep State? Imagine if the Q Team knew every possible tactic of the Deep State and had a strategy to mitigate. What if the primary purpose of the Trump Tango was to avoid civil war in America? That would explain using iL Donaldo and Cat Turd etc… to lighten the mood.

That America is currently open for business (as usual) in 2023, is due to Q, it’s not the Deep State plan B, C, or D. Finally the white-hat patience is paying-off, the truth of the coup is plain to see. However, Trump is not our saviour, he’s said so himself on many occasions. He made it the mission of his Presidential administration, to focus on ending human trafficking.

President Trump

President Donald Trump and his administration made lasting efforts to combat human trafficking during his time in office. In February 2019, Trump signed an executive order titled “Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States.” The order established a task force to address human trafficking and online child exploitation, and directed federal agencies to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of these crimes.

The Trump administration also allocated funding to support anti-trafficking efforts, including grants to organizations that provide services to trafficking victims, and launched public awareness campaigns to educate the public about the dangers of trafficking. Additionally, the administration worked with other countries to combat human trafficking globally, and signed legislation that increased penalties for human trafficking offenses and expanded resources for trafficking victims.

Melania Trump Tangos to #BeBest

Be Best was a public-awareness campaign promoted by Melania Trump, former first lady of the United States, focusing on well-being for youth and advocating against cyberbullying.

Fostering the Future, a Be Best initiative, secures educational opportunities and scholarships for children in the foster care community. Scholarship recipients will learn in a supportive environment, gaining knowledge critical to realizing job security within the technology sector. By providing access to a computer science education, these individuals will be prepared to enter the workforce and ultimately reach financial independence.

Many children in the foster care community lack the support and stability to finish their education and gain meaningful employment. According to the National Foster Youth Institute, only 50 percent of foster children finish high school, and only 3 percent of former foster children obtain a college degree. Twenty percent of the children in foster care will become homeless after aging out of the system, and only half will have gainful employment by the age of 24.


You may not like how we are winning because you had hoped for a Hollywood ending. Trump Tango is a Dance-a-Thon, until the last one standing. America is a nation of laws and it’s these rules that eliminates the other dancers, as one by one they fall. The tempo is picking-up, the crowd of Trump fans is swelling, they can smell victory, as Trump Dances on.


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