Lessons of the Lions Gate

I am Unapologetic for my respect and admiration of Juan O Savin. In my opinion, he’s as close to “Christ wisdom” as any person I have ever heard speak. Very articulate, mostly optimistic and despite the sad topics, his temperament is extraordinary. A character hardened by a life, none of us could imagine. This Lion’s got lessons, from a fight for survival, since the 1970’s.

I am Unapologetic to the people from whom I’ve had to disassociate because of their Trump derangement syndrome (TDS). If anyone still prefers Joe Biden over Trump at this point in time, they need professional psychological help. And, if anyone thinks, that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election legitimately, they’re either wilfully ignorant, or complicit.

I endorse Donald Trump and wholeheartedly believe he’s the best/last chance for freedom, humanity has. The one man who has what it takes to defeat the Deep State.

My favourite expression Juanito (107) says, is that the “wheels of Justice grind slowly but they grind fine”. Add to that, a quote by DJT that; “we (USA) are a nation of laws”. Therefore; let the wheels of Justice Roll! Now I’m paraphrasing, let the wheels grind and do their work… and I believe that is exactly what’s happening at this time. Truth and Justice will prevail but allot more fine grinding must happen, before big names get under those wheels of Justice. Be patient. 

Parable of the Pacific

Everyday, I ride the seawall 10 kilometres around Stanley Park, along the Pacific Ocean underneath the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver. My favourite place is the lighthouse underneath Lions Gate Bridge. The bridge was built by the Guinness Brewing Company. They charged a toll for decades to get their money back. It’s a prototype for the Golden Gate Bridge, same foundry built both bridges.

Lions Gate Bridge is a prototype of the Golden Gate Bridge 

The builders chose the narrowest point, hence it’s called “The Narrows” And at that very point. On a really lucky day, when just the perfect circumstances come together, I’ll come around underneath the bridge to the Narrows, where all the harbor seals live because of what happens there when the tide comes in. And on those real rare occasions you can clearly see the tide line.

On that point where the little lighthouse is perched, the cliffs go 600 feet deep into the water. As the tide rushes in the water gets compressed against that wall of the cliff. The harbor seals, live in the tide-pool on the inside of the inlet for good reason, it’s like a veritable seafood buffet on a conveyor belt. At the right time of day or night they just wait and the seafood comes to them, while they lounge in a calm pool, under the lions gate bridge. It’s magical to watch and learn the lessons of the sea.

Sailors know about the tide line, it’s the actual Mark in the water where the incoming ocean is fighting against the smaller forces of the fresh water, that’s pouring into the sea from the melting glaciers of British Columbia. At this time of year the snow is melting fast as the sun is blasting it, every river is gushing and bursting, waterfalls are gushing. There’s water rushing in from every stream and river, into the lake to push against the sea but it’s up against the mighty Pacific Ocean. Despite all the energy of the fresh water, feebly trying to inch its way forward but the sea, as we know, is much too big and strong. The Pacific can’t be held back.

For the Deep State and Liberal/Democrat organizations, the tide changed months ago and now we’re nearing high-tide. When Nancy Pelosi was replaced as Speaker of the House and Elon Musk bought Twitter the tide turned and it started going against the criminals that stole the 2020 election, and those who hi-jacked the media, weaponized the government and those who perpetrated these false flag crimes and all of the false narratives. All the many minions Hillary Clinton and her clique had recruited over the decades long plan to topple America… they all had to start swimming against the incoming tide of truth.

One lesson you learn watching the tide, which I observe everyday, is that around the higher Tides, it’s very difficult to notice that water is still coming in, nothing appears to be changing, however the surface water is what is moving faster and faster and it has massive power in it’s current do to it’s size. I’ve watched swimmers who underestimate the surface current that happens on the high tide, they have to swim twice as fast to travel half as far.

We can assume that after several months of Investigation, in the Senate hearings, legal proceedings and in the dialog of social media exposure of whistleblower lions after whistleblower after whistleblower implicating so many people. New evidence to implicate the people surrounding, so many crimes, as the wheels of justice grind forwards. For those caught on the wrong side of the current, in the wrong place, it’s got to be exhausting. Many, many defendants are now swimming against that tide and it’s a losing battle as witnessed by the Lions Gate.

So, now what’s caught-up in that tide line, of this parable, is all sorts of floating debris, some big logs and little sticks caught in the flow, all moving towards the rocky shore to end the sea journey. Then eventually here’s what happens, and again it takes the right circumstances but it goes like this… Every few years, when the moon is full and during the season of the King Tide, what can and occasionally does happen is, the weather will conspire to push in all of those logs and stumps from the edge of the ocean tide, into a big accumulation. All it takes is a one big storm, when you have the combination of elements, it gets washed-up all at once.

When the next big proverbial shit-storm comes, what will happen, is it’ll put these enormous tree trunks bigger than a dump truck onto the beach. Therefore, I think what we’re going to see in this Parable is government agencies and corporate news media that are going to find themselves completely exposed. High and dry on the beach, like massive tree trunks beached by a storm. In the light of day, after the storm, we can examine the evidence to see the roots and witness everything clinging to the stump

In one prolonged series of powerful natural events, everyone alive is going to know that the Storm of Truth has shipwrecked the Deep State. No one from the ship of fools is getting out of this wreck, anyone involved in the deception, including the fake pandemic, which was used to cause mail-in voting, is going to know they’re beached and busted, heading for Guantanamo Bay to be processed.

After the King Tide Storm it’s going to be smooth sailing however, after it’s all over the beaches will be piled high with debris of all sorts but the waters are safe to sail again. Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work cleaning up the mess because there was so much floating. So let the waves begin! Brace for the storm, Bring it on, we can handle it and it has to happen, to make the seas safe again for navigation. Lions, make it so!

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