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Bob Marley

Running Away? You Lucky Dog

Bob Marley sang that every man thinks his burden is the heaviest In his song “Running Away”, Bob Marley goes on to sing, that you can’t run away from yourself. (You are NOT a Lucky Dog). For anyone paying attention to social media, you will be aware of the crimes against humanity, that medical data […]

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Rastafari Lion I Am

To the Rescue, Here I Am

I am Rastafari, here’s why I am, what I am Bob Marley influenced me to think deeply about who “I Am”, it is the only way to find Jah. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. One love is peace and I am here to tell you that Rastafari is the largest “Self Organizing Collective” […]

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Roots, Rock, Reggae

Play I some music! Root’s Rock, Reggae! Everyday I go to the beach for sunset and swim in the sea but before I dive in I make sure I play loudly my master blaster, by startin off the jammin with Bob Marley – Play I some music. So what’s been happening over the past few […]

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Ethiopian imperial standard of Haile Selassie

Ark of the Covenant Restored by Lambs Bread

Tigray Province of Ethiopia is where the Ark of the Covenant is stored in the Chapel of St Mary of Zion. A former scholar from Britain had been a professor in Ethiopia examined the remains of the fabled sacred object as a mere rustic wooden artifact, appeared to be the remains of an old box. […]

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Angel Moroni from atop the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

A Natural Mystic Blowing Through the Air

The Trumpet was placed on the top spire of the most famous temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of of Latter-day Saints on April 6, 1892, the photo now shows that the trumpet is gone. The 5.7-magnitude earthquake shook Utah Wednesday March 18th and dislodged a symbolic part of Salt Lake City’s iconic Mormon […]

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Benjamin West - Joshua passing the River Jordan with the Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant and the Promised Land

My name is Aaron and I am here to lead the movement of Jah people, this is my truth. Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) mandate of UN sets us free, the wealth is, and always was, in our names. The Ark induces singularity and causes peace, it has the power to drop all guns and grievances. Nothing […]

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Bob Marley's Eyes

Cannabis Industry Plastic Catastrophe

“One good thing about music: when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley Ask yourself what Bob Marley would think about the plastic packaging of weed? Taxing weed is like putting electricity in wires, against Nature, as Tesla demonstrated, forcing buds into plastic containers, little ones, bigger ones, and many with lids […]

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley Movement of Jah People

To have a music category here on Silicon Palms and not mention Bob Marley, would be a massive mistake and an error by omission, since he’s the most important musician of my life. No other artist has touched me in the same way, and I don’t feel as though my appreciation of reggae and Bob […]

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Revolution of the Mind

Have you ever wondered about singularity? The reason I ask is because I personally believe that singularity is what will save humanity and our planet from self-destruction. Perhaps even; a “singularity event” will trigger the truth to take-over, and all at the same time, the majority of inhabitants on earth, will come to the same […]

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