Running Away? You Lucky Dog

Bob Marley sang that every man thinks his burden is the heaviest

In his song “Running Away”, Bob Marley goes on to sing, that you can’t run away from yourself. (You are NOT a Lucky Dog).

For anyone paying attention to social media, you will be aware of the crimes against humanity, that medical data is proving. Numbers don’t lie, although people providing the numbers do but it’s too late.The great awakening has grown too large, to now include a vast majority of the population. A small segment remains in denial but they have lost the debate, since the data is in and there’s nowhere to run.

Recently the very top man at one of the biggest vaccine manufacturers accidentally stated that his company had produced 100,000 units of the Covid19 vaccine in 2019, now we know. The pandemic started in 2020 and the two giant pharmaceutical companies told us that year that they could, with emergency use authorization and a waiver of liability to vaccine injury, produce a vaccine within 8 months. Now we know, they already had one.

The great reset was a planned opportunity to Build Back Better, a new world order. A diabolical plan had been hatched against “We the people” and it had nothing to do with our good health… on the contrary, we are the target in a global depopulation plan.

If you believe that the pandemic was a real, natural occurrence, met with a sincere scientific effort and that the Covid19 vaccine was safe and effective? Then I say to you; ignorance is bliss, you lucky dog.

The “Real” Great Reset is to Forgive

For the rest of us, which I like to refer to as; “We the people”, we have an enormous burden to carry. In order for our world to grow-out of this dilemma and heal the wounds of division, pain and suffering… we have to forgive the people who did this.

You are a lucky dog if none of your family were harmed by vaccine, as the statistics are showing one in a thousand were not so lucky. No-one knows the long-term effects but we do know that the spike protein created by the mRNA (m = messenger) can and does spread to the UN-vaccinated. Scientific research has proven this fact, that we’re all (humanity) in this together.

Each one of us are now in a crash-course in forgiveness, as it doesn’t take a genius to see that the human race is one species. Never before has the idea of one-ness been so evident. We all need to come together to heal the damage and survive this attack.

Division and conflict have been the traits of mankind up until this point in our history. Looking back all we see is perpetual war, looking forwards we see two choices; one-love or death to mankind. We can’t survive as a species, unless we unite in love.

You can’t run away from yourself, for where ever you go… there you are. The great awakening is reaching it’s most critical moment, the tipping point where humanity takes back control of earth. We the people have arisen and we are taking back the planet, there’s nothing the powers-that-be can do to stop us.

To those who know the truth about the Great Reset; Peace and love is coming, you lucky dog.

Bob Marley

Running Away – Bob Marley Lyrics

Ya running and ya running
And ya running away.
Ya running and ya running
And ya running away.
Ya running and ya running
And ya running away.
Ya running and ya running,
But ya can’t run away from yourself
Can’t run away from yourself [Repeat: x5]

Ya must have done (must have done),
Somet’in’ wrong (something wrong).
Said: ya must have done (must have done),
Wo! Somet’in’ wrong (something wrong).
Why you can’t find the
Place where you belong?
Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do (running away) [Repeat: x5]

Every man thinketh his
Burden is the heaviest (heaviest).
Every man thinketh his
Burden is the heaviest (heaviest).
Ya still mean it: Who feels it knows it, Lord;
Who feels it knows it, Lord [Repeat: x3]

Ya running and ya running
And ya running away.
Ya running and ya running
And ya running away.
Ya running and ya running
And ya running away.
Ya running and ya running
But ya can’t run away from yourself.
Could ya run away from yourself?
Can you run away from yourself?
Can’t run away from yourself!
Can’t run away from yourself!
Yeah-eah-eah-eah – from yourself.

Brr – you must have done somethin’
Somethin’ somethin’ – somethin’
Somethin’ ya don’t want nobody to know about:
Ya must have, Lord – somet’in’ wrong,
What ya must have done – ya must have done somethin’ wrong.
Why you can’t find where you belong?

Well, well, well, well, ya running away, heh, no,
Ya running away, ooh, no, no, no,
I’m not (running away), no, don’t say that – don’t say that,
‘Cause (running away) I’m not running away, ooh! (running away)
I’ve got to protect my life, (running away)
And I don’t want to live with no strife. (running away)
It is better to live on the housetop (running away)
Than to live in a house full of confusion. (running away)
So, I made my decision and I left ya; (running away)
Now you comin’ to tell me (running away)
That I’m runnin’ away. (running away)
But it’s not true, (running away)
I am not runnin’ away. (running away)

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Bob Marley

Running Away lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group

Bob Marley Image by ifd_Photography from Pixabay

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