Ark of the Covenant and the Promised Land

My name is Aaron and I am here to lead the movement of Jah people, this is my truth. Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) mandate of UN sets us free, the wealth is, and always was, in our names. The Ark induces singularity and causes peace, it has the power to drop all guns and grievances. Nothing else ever had, or will have, this power of intent. It unifies all minds at once.

The Ark of the Covenant is an Instrument of Peace that if played in harmony, can Unite Africa and Save the World

A peace revolution has been introduced and now the concept of a self-governing body to administer monetary policy, based solely on the aggregation, management of members SSI. We can retain our nations but agree to a common rule of law described by Sovereignty that we grant to our Self and recognized by International Law. We all become free from tyranny.

I was standing in the shadows until the day the Angel dropped it’s trumpet from above a Church in Utah, that day I started blowing the trumpet. My message has been to expose a diabolical social engineering plan had been unleashed on the good people of the world. I am a messenger of the great awakening, also known as a light-worker.

My ideas are free and can lift Africa from poverty, faster than Amway made money in America. It’s the value of cooperation by joining our names.

Every soul on earth may obtain an identity, all they need is a smart phone and by taking the right steps, taught by an agent who earns money to enroll the new registrant, if the correct mathematical model is set-up, the collection of digital identities becomes the currency of the new digital economy, where the revenue is sustainably shared locally to Unite Africa.

The idea of global citizenship See:

Ark of the Covenant is hidden in Tigray province, in plain sight, along with a genocide and a pipeline across the region is still killing people. I am writing to you today, to solicit your authority to begin prosecution of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Justice must be served to preserve the rule of law, therefore Movement of Jah people declare a crime of morality.

The all seeing eye atop an obelisk is a dead give away – Northern Stelae Park in Aksum, Tigray Region, Ethiopia. The Ark is near here but can be found from Jamaica, as it’s written on a Rasta man’s soul.

My investigation as a QAnon researcher, had me reading documents about Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus crimes in Ethiopia. Something Q constantly said, triggered me to search differently – he said – “symbols will be their downfall”. Then it was Re-discovered, having been moved from St. Mary of Zion Chappel into

The book of Enoch explains how and why the Ark of the Covenant was moved but what most people don’t realize, is that Rastafari were once orthodox Jews. Hence, the symbols of the Lion of Judah, which are in all Ethiopia history. Note the Coat of Arms of Ethiopia from before the Italy invasion, one of the darkest periods in African history.

Peace, Sovereignty and sanctity were stolen from Ethiopia but the Ark of the Covenant was not lost, it remains safe. It’s guarded by dark forces but we need it and we are the light of truth, vested with the power and authority of God to read the Agreements for all the world to see.

Movement of Jah people is in Exodus of Babylon Control, we are marching to Nine Mile Jamaica and then on to the promised land, as we Unite Africa.

Here’s where it gets interesting and mixes with myth and metaphysical theory and speculation…. DNA may be the key to opening the Ark of the Covenant. This clue is written on a Rasta Man’s soul and Bob Marley is the Lion of Zion, telling us about Exodus, which is now happening. In theory; DNA of Rastafari bloodline can go near the Ark of the Covenant, since Jesus Christ is in the same blood line of Haile Selassie.

Today the Ark of the Covenant is guarded by only one watchman because no-one can go near it or they get radiation poisoning, no-one can move it because it’s unstable and has an obelisk built over it. It’s hidden in front of our faces because 2 million people died of a misdiagnoses by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (he’s not an MD so Wikipedia had to remove the Dr. from his name to confuse us, he’s a failed community-science doctor accused of genocide). However, the warlord that controls Tigray is protecting the cover-up and hiding the Ark of the Covenant.

In 1999 I was the founder of which met it’s demise when Napster ended free downloads, as we wanted to free rock music in giant search engine of free downloads. My entire 30 year career has been digital media and Internet marketing.

My passion is web development, I was the Bahamas webmaster, when I lived in Florida, before Rock-n-Roll, then I became the volunteer webmaster for the Movement of Jah people and worked with the Marley Family, at their compound in South Miami, which was Bob’s house. Mama B (his mom), Richie and Sharon lived there. Mostly I was there in the day time but it was known to be jammin in the studio every night.

I was a friend to the Marley family and invited VIP backstage 3 years in a row for Bob Marley Day in Miami, also attended Mama B’s birthday party and met Chris Blackwell, Ziggy Marley (sang Happy Birthday to Mama B) and many famous musicians and tons of really cool people. Little would I know, that 20 years later, I would be the one to blow the trumpet, guess that makes me a Natural Mystic.

The plan to Unite Africa is easier than people would think and that’s what we’re told to do. I’m suggesting that we do it from Nine Mile, Jamaica. Begin broadcasting 24/7 live Peace Treaty Counsel meetings and introduce Rastafari to the world. Allow the Marley family to control the guest list and allow artists and musicians from all walks of life to weigh-in. No corporate sponsors, no outside media, no Political agenda, no Religion, no UN, no FUCKERY.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Nine Mile Accord – Peace Treaty

Peace Treaty Settlement Negotiations to Unite Africa from Nine Mile, Jamaica – 24/7 Live stream

Before we can approach the Ark of the Covenant we have to right the wrongs, starting with the people nearest to where it is buried. Since we can’t even fly there to research the location, it’s a war zone and gas leaks are killing people on the southern border, too dangerous. We can use the “idea” to begin Exodus, by offering the world a new problem/solution.

How do we Unite Africa? Then write a new covenant with God? With One Love!

Good folks from Florida spent a couple decades and millions of dollars to get Nine Mile (compound) ready. The Buffalo soldiers will protect St Ann perish and I’m told that the VIP cottages were hand-crafted for celebrities, to visit Bob Marley’s birth place. It’s a superb location. So the idea would be to have moderators, that explain all the break-out live streams, many of which are for solving local problems on the ground in Africa but the main broadcast is by people who shine the most love and truth.

African Americans depart for Liberia, 1896

We all know we want peace but also righteousness, however we must not become what we just promised to leave. International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) could play such a key role and I fear that without and what RDS calls “open-source everything” and the help of ITNJ we will end up worse than the first Africa Exodus movement (failed). The Back-to-Africa movement, in the 19th century called Black Zionism must be known and reconciled.

Peace will be promised to all people who join us, we will give peace to the world and Unite Africa, as we’ve been told to do. If you would endorse this idea, then I would go the people at Nine Mile and Marley family to discuss.

My reason for living was revealed to me, after a lifetime of searching. My purpose in life, is to help lead the movement of Jah people, to Exodus Babylon. I bring you Peace Revolution.

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