Chevy Trucks Rock!

Chevy Trucks Rock in order to avoid spinning this blog into a new age spiritual platform direction, or too many scriptural type post, since I have a tendency of late to be in this armor of God sort of mindset. This armour of steel can act as an antidote.

My favourite thing for a couple of decades was a Chevy half ton with high performance small block 327 with four barrel carburettor, headers and dual exhaust, at good suspension and fat tires. All that’s missing is a killer stereo in the cab and a tank of gas.

Trucks are a real Dude thing, especially in the west of America. In Western Canada trucks are the most vehicle you’ll see, as soon as you leave the city. Every small town will have a truck parked in front of each house and the further north you go, the more percentage of trucks you see.

In the far north of Canada, the truck dealerships are gold mines and make more money than any other type of business, since people will walk in the door and have a pay check in one hand and a bank loan in the other. They sell trucks, during a boom time, like they were skateboards.

Chevy Colorado Z71

Most people are either Ford or Chevy but there still remains a hard-core Ram owners club and a growing Toyota crowd, plus many other good makes delivering that truck experience us Dude’s seek. It’s where they can take us, what we can take with us, and how good we feel getting there.

My first truck was a Ford but after that nothing but Chevy, a total of four, two of which were 4×4. That one had a sun roof too and was a real beauty, ran all those trucks for thousands of miles all over western Canada and drove one to Ontario, where I sold it for more than I paid.

Chevy Trucks Rock!

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