The Dream Car Challenge

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 Coupe

There was a lot of reasons why the “Car” category was added to this blog. One reason is my love of design and style, everyone has their own taste but all have a “Dream Car”. For some it’s because of where it can take them, for some it’s how fast, and others how cool. Cars are part of our world and reflect our style. Everyone has a dream car.

In my experience, to own a car is not actually fun, after the first drive the thrill can start to fade. Only your dream car can be as exhilarating every time you turn the key. Here’s the thing though, keys are a thing of the past and soon combustion engines will be obsolete too. Blogging about collector cars was also one of the reasons for adding “Cars” as a category here.

The Dream Car Challenge is to consider what car you would own today, if you could choose any fossil fuel car in the world BUT that had to be the last car you would ever own?

Electric cars are the future, I get it. Currently I prefer gas engines, or diesel engine trucks. Most likely in the real world, I would choose a GMC Sierra HD pick-up truck. Also, I don’t believe clean energy is clean, e-cars are more damaging to the environment than fossil fuel and Canada has infinite amounts of fuel. This is a challenge in a dream, so it’s about “which car” that burns gas.

Before I tell you my “Dream Car” it’s important to mention, I’ve not owned a car (by choice) for 5 years. Living in a city there’s no need and for the first time in 42 years, there’s no parking or maintenance. Life is much better by bicycle and I prefer not owning a car. Plus, I believe anti-gravity flying cars are just 2 years away.YES! I do want a flying car, especially with Zero-point energy but that’s another story for another day.

My Dream Car Challenge Choice

The reason I would choose Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 Coupe is mainly because of how well they age and how dependable they are. The choices narrow for me because British Columbia has long hard winters and I like to drive in the mountains when I travel, so all-wheel drive is important. Now’s the time when Janis Jopplin should be singing “oh Lord won’t you buy me, a Mercedes Benz, all my friends drive Porshes, I must make amends”.

Ironic that we often remark about how quiet it is riding in great cars, yet electric cars are bizarre quiet and not as much fun without the sound of the 429 hp turbo inline 6 cylinder engine, when you rev the gas. Electric cars are not as fun, although they accelerate just as fast.

The soul of a sports car, the skills of an SUV, and the elegance of a coupe unite to accelerate the pulse rate of Mercedes passion. If it were the last fossil fuel car I ever own, it would be the classic silver with black interior; Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 53 Coupe.

The Last Dream Car

The reason this is relevant; if you buy a gas guzzler now, it may be the last you ever own. My only other Mercedes was already old when I bought it in Miami, perhaps it was cruising to Key West that made me love the feel of the German land yacht. That car was like a dream to drive on the A1A, one more would be a charm. Dream on!

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