Do you feel lucky?

The question to ask ourselves; “Do you feel lucky?”

As each day passes and it becomes more and more obvious that we are in “end times”, we tend to ask ourselves deeper questions. As we learn about more and more people who “Died Suddenly”, we tend to ask questions about our own demise. Is there a reason for being here now? If yes then; do you feel lucky?

Consider that when you die all your memories are gone too. The very essence of what you think of as you, no longer exists. All the plans, dreams and ideas that made up your perception of yourself are no longer, yet here we are now at this exact moment, full of life and all our thoughts and memories. Still the questions beg answers; why me, why now?

Of all the times in human history, nobody got lucky

My Dad often boasts that he was born lucky because he was too young for WW2 and too old for Vietnam, plus that he lived in an economic boom-time that saw the Big-Band era of Jazz hi-fi and telephones, all the way through to Rock’n’Roll and wi-fi, without any major global conflict. However, he is now 92 and had to witness the CV19 Plandemic and now the potential collapse of the west as well as another world war.

When we look back over history, we see that there’s always been one thing or another, to take away the luck of every third of fourth generation. Almost like the clockwork of nature, about every hundred years we experience a winter of discontent, while war ravages everything that had been built-up and created. Like Tartary, an entire history edited out.

End Times in Wikipedia forwards to Eschatology

Eschatology (/ˌɛskəˈtɒlədʒi/ (listen); from Ancient Greek ἔσχατος (éskhatos) ‘last’, and -logy) concerns expectations of the end of the present agehuman history, or of the world itself. The end of the world or end times is predicted by several world religions (both Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic), which teach that negative world events will reach a climax. Belief that the end of the world is imminent is known as apocalypticism, and over time has been held both by members of mainstream religions and by doomsday cults. In the context of mysticism, the term refers metaphorically to the end of ordinary reality and to reunion with the divine. Various religions treat eschatology as a future event prophesied in sacred texts or in folklore.

Questions arise, when we consider that we are actually living in the end times. Was it just happenstance? Am I here to bear witness, or to participate. If I am here to participate, what should I be doing?

If given enough time to think, almost everyone would come to the same conclusions. First, there’s not a good option to the fact that you are here now. Therefore, we might as well make the best of the situation we find ourselves in. Second, health and happiness are a priority to having a good experience while here on earth at this time. Third, that God is love and exists everywhere in the universe.

You are very lucky! God loves you, this is just a reminder.

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