It had to be this way… Biblical

Before I became a digital Soldier, I was already what is called a truther, which was the precursor of a conspiracy theorist. My main enemy remains the same, anyone who would harm children. It’s really that simple and one concept that all humanity can agree on.

Never thought I would be classified as a conservative because I believe in personal freedom and liberty. I am of the belief that everyone is entitled to their own “Pursuit of Happiness”, whatever that may be, as long as it does not infringe on the freedom of another individual.

Children are sacred, my personal belief in Jesus makes this one thing very clear, crimes against children can NOT and will NOT be tolerated, or ignored.

When you search the 5,000 plus Q Posts for the word; Biblical, you’ll find nine posts, one of which I posted (below). In the context of faith in general, the Q posts make it very clear the importance of foundational belief in God. Biblical understanding is woven in to the Q Posts, as we are in a war against dark forces.

Q Post 4550 – Biblical

Fear not.
You [we] are not helpless.
Enough must see. 
It is the only way.
You are being presented with the gift of vision.
Ability to see [clearly] what they've hid from you for so long [illumination].
Their deception [dark actions] on full display.
People are waking up in mass.
People are no longer blind.
Do you think it's a coincidence they banned and prevent you attending Church _house of worship? 
One must only look to see.
Have faith in Humanity.
Have faith in yourself.
Let light guide you.
Find peace through prayer.

If you search the Q Drops for the term “Armor of God” you will find over a dozen posts. This is because the nature of evil is so far from our imaginations could comprehend, that we need to be prepared. And we must not live in fear, but rather grounded and ready by our faith and trust in the plan.

Believe in Jesus and do what Jesus would do and that is put an end to any crimes against children that you are in the power of putting an end to it. We are living in Biblical times, rejoice!


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