How to Deal with Disenchantment

How to deal with disenchantment? Cognitive dissonance is a Bitch!

Cognitive dissonance is a bitch, we all have it. It’s impossible NOT to suffer from some cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy (a leading cause) is everywhere hence; disenchantment. 

Disenchantment is another challenge, all Digital Soldiers experience bouts of disillusionment because we are keyboard warriors, when we go offline we witness sheeple that are completely brainwashed, and there’s nothing we can do, because they think we are the un-educated.

Symptoms of disenchantment set in after years of saying “trust the plan” but it’s another thing completely, to have the faith to see it through. Sometimes months go by and it seems like the Deep State cabal evil Tyrant government leaders are arrogant and doing whatever they want to do. They’re in complete control… And we have to trust the plan. This is when disenchantment can set in.

For me, I have a fitness regime everyday that includes. Reggae, music might sound funny, but Bob Marley, inspires me. And every day I listen to reggae dub during my exercises along the Pacific, Ocean, the sea wall. This is how I deal with disenchantment.

The worst thing is making lists of disappointments or things that didn’t happen. You have to remember When dates are set like, now we have October the 29th set by 107. These dates are meant to move us towards our Victory, and sometimes it might seem like baby steps. And so many times, nothing happens when we reach the date, we don’t know if disaster was averted because we were all awake and aware of a date, a potential event. We don’t know if we affected that particular outcome. But what happened, is more people were awakened to the possibility, that something is going to happen. 

It seems to me that most people realize That the current u.s. (corporation) President. Joe Biden is not the same man that went on the election campaign. He was replaced, somehow, it’s so easy to see in this Photograph. Here’s an example of cognitive dissonance and he’s able to get away with so much. 

FAKE NEWS causes disenchantment. 

But what 107 is saying, that sometimes decades go by without a revealing of the truth and then sometimes days go by with revealing Decades of Truth. Now this is going to happen because something really important is about to take place. The FBI has to release Seth Rich laptop, this connects to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, which connects the story of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton causes massive, wide-scale cognitive dissonance because she still apparently a free woman. We don’t know it’s like a play is taking shape in front of our eyes, a movie, some call it. 

But the fact of the matter is, 

Revelations are coming and there’s nothing can stop it. Even the astrology talks about October and November being Major change Global change. We are on the cusp of change, so don’t lose Faith trust in God. If you can’t trust in the plan and know that God will not allow these evil doers to continue with their plan of enslaving us, all the worst information. To deal with is The idea of a network of bodies being installed right on our planet in front of us in Civilization. 

These are daunting issues that only God can rectify. So, meanwhile, we have to trust in the plan and trust in God. 

Seth Rich laptop is so important because it will prove. That, the downloaded information that came from the DNC. Was way too much information to have been remotely downloaded. It had to have been done inside. And there’s also other information that will be on Seth Rich laptop that points to the reason why He did what he did and went to WikiLeaks with the data. And so many people have forgotten about this whole story, but Julian Assange has been in prison this whole time. 

And that’s unfair. So we are coming to an amazing time in history where the truth will be revealed. So how to overcome? 

Disillusionment disenchantment. Just know that the best is yet to come. 

Disenchantment Revelation image by John Hain from Pixabay

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